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  1. Brees is in. Hill sits. It's over. Move on.
  2. Tua is a much better QB than Hill could ever hope to be. I can't wait to see the excuses here when the Chiefs build up a lead and Hill flounders when he tries his hackneyed hero ball act.
  3. These Taysom Hill supporters just can't seem to give it up. He's not good. Make all the excuses you want, but it won't make Hill any less mediocre.
  4. That all you got? You know exactly what I meant, but please, proceed.
  5. He's barely moving the ball down the field. Alex Smith could get more yards on 11/15 passing. And putting blame onto Kamara for the Int is a bit of a stretch.
  6. Take off the rose-colored glasses. He's been mediocre all day.
  7. That Taysom Hill, such a stud you guys, guaranteed QB1. Bwahahahahaha! Oh, but he's passing so accurately you say? Yeah, to the tune of 4.3 y/a. Fantastic.
  8. Good grief, he is not even faster. What is with the hyperbole in this thread? It's like listening to tall tales about Bo Jackson.
  9. Cruel and idiotic? Tone it down a notch. Payton wouldn't even be that offended. And I'd take Tebow over Hill any day on rushing. No shrugs necessary.
  10. Without the Saints defense, Taysom is scrambling for his cornfed little life and no lifeline other than Daddy Payton to cover for his mistakes. Tebow didn't have that safety blanket. But start Taysom, y'all, this guy knows best!
  11. If the Chiefs start piling on points, all the running in the world isn't going to help. If you don't think a running QB can't put up duds, well, you are in for some disappointment. This is Taysom Hill. Not Lamar, not RG3, not Cam, not Vick, and not even Tim Tebow.
  12. FFS, Carr is so much better than Taysom Hill. Give it a rest, dude.
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