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  1. I think he is a flex...fairly safe floor. Ceiling is non existent. I wasted my #3 pick on him this year and won’t take the chance again.
  2. So frustrating....I need 7.38 more points from Kamara but they give him the ball once for a good run then stick Murray back in. They will probably pull him now since the game is basically over.
  3. He got the points fair and square but he was shut down for the overwhelming majority of the game. The only reason he isn’t walking away with low single digits is that Dallas stopped trying on defense. I certainly wouldn’t feel confident with him in a game where the Rams weren’t getting beaten like rented mules.
  4. Had my game pretty much wrapped up until the Dallas defense decided to stop playing and let Kupp get 10 absolute garbage time points. Now I’m down 24 points with Kamara and the Pit D left to play and I have zero confidence in Kamara to have anything close to his projected total.
  5. Garbage time BS...fantasy football is a joke. Kupp was shut down all game until Dallas stopped playing defense and let them score.
  6. Thanks for the clarification...I’m in a close game lol
  7. Didn’t Wilson throw a pick earlier? Yahoo sports not showing it.
  8. Has anyone seen Nuk????? Nuk???? Where are you my guy????
  9. AJ, Adams, and Slayton (matchup is sweet). Mahomes I would roll with Gould at K
  10. I would stick with Golladay. Go with Hunt if you need a safe 10 points....if you can afford the risk leave Fournette in. He will get the volume.
  11. OBJ vs AZ DK Metcalf vs CAR Lockett vs CAR Pascal vs NO AJ Brown vs JAX
  12. And Lockett is down there dancing like one of the freaking temptations....flu not keeping him from doing that. Dropping this bum as fast as I can
  13. Lockett isn’t even running routes....he’s just standing around lost. My playoff spot is clinched already but Lockett will be riding the pine the rest of the season. Sucks that I have OBJ as well.....bust city.
  14. I need 4 points from Lockett to win....I don’t feel confident. That’s just sad.
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