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  1. My bad mate, tuned out of the match when he was out and got a notification he wouldn't return.
  2. You guys know he left the game early right? Neck strain. Played 21* mins.
  3. I don't know man, he's looking pretty good on D. I've seen him go for blocks and just miss them. Saw at least one they didn't count. I don't think it's an effort thing based on what I've seen.
  4. Is there a good place to find this matchup info quickly and easily? I usually just guess
  5. Good call about being determined to get the W. After he dropped the 60-piece, he said something along the lines of, "This feels good to identify what I need to do to get us a win." Earlier in the year I remember he was relatively passive in the first halves, trying to get his teammates involved etc — now he's just a killer from the outset.
  6. I think they're just trying to avoid fouls. I can imagine it's hard as a young guy to out-muscle and out-rebound AD or LeBron and not get called for a foul. Fouling obviously an issue for both of them.
  7. I mean, he actually looks really good out there too. Stroke is wet, plays with the patience of a vet. Still not too smooth off the dribble but uses his body well. Can’t hate!
  8. I’m third in my league in FT% with Mitch Rob who is my worst free throw shooter. Hovering around 81% most weeks and can top out around 85%
  9. People keep saying this but I don't see JV coming off the bench for a rookie. It's not about who's better etc etc. JV is easily a starting-calibre player, and they will develop Clarke in the context of running behind JV (who is more than capable in his own right). I own Clarke, and don't see him starting this year unless JV does get shut down which is a real possibility if that foot issue flares up again.
  10. No chance I give Kawhi for this, but if you can get him, then sure.
  11. Nah I don’t see him returning this week (Nets fan). I also think he’ll take a couple of games to warm up if his return from injury last year is any indication. He’s staying on my IR until he’s good to go — which is hopefully still before Kyrie returns so he can get some usage.
  12. Plenty dropped! He was awful, make no mistake.
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