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  1. My bad mate, tuned out of the match when he was out and got a notification he wouldn't return.
  2. You guys know he left the game early right? Neck strain. Played 21* mins.
  3. I don't know man, he's looking pretty good on D. I've seen him go for blocks and just miss them. Saw at least one they didn't count. I don't think it's an effort thing based on what I've seen.
  4. Is there a good place to find this matchup info quickly and easily? I usually just guess
  5. Good call about being determined to get the W. After he dropped the 60-piece, he said something along the lines of, "This feels good to identify what I need to do to get us a win." Earlier in the year I remember he was relatively passive in the first halves, trying to get his teammates involved etc — now he's just a killer from the outset.
  6. I think they're just trying to avoid fouls. I can imagine it's hard as a young guy to out-muscle and out-rebound AD or LeBron and not get called for a foul. Fouling obviously an issue for both of them.
  7. I mean, he actually looks really good out there too. Stroke is wet, plays with the patience of a vet. Still not too smooth off the dribble but uses his body well. Can’t hate!
  8. I’m third in my league in FT% with Mitch Rob who is my worst free throw shooter. Hovering around 81% most weeks and can top out around 85%
  9. People keep saying this but I don't see JV coming off the bench for a rookie. It's not about who's better etc etc. JV is easily a starting-calibre player, and they will develop Clarke in the context of running behind JV (who is more than capable in his own right). I own Clarke, and don't see him starting this year unless JV does get shut down which is a real possibility if that foot issue flares up again.
  10. No chance I give Kawhi for this, but if you can get him, then sure.
  11. Nah I don’t see him returning this week (Nets fan). I also think he’ll take a couple of games to warm up if his return from injury last year is any indication. He’s staying on my IR until he’s good to go — which is hopefully still before Kyrie returns so he can get some usage.
  12. Plenty dropped! He was awful, make no mistake.
  13. This Spurs game ISN’T the last game of his suspension? Oh man I was so excited
  14. I'm thinking of dropping for the likes of PJ Washington
  15. Hood is 100% a thoroughbred baller. These guys don’t always catch the break they need. Man had plenty of deadly weapons in his arsenal — really hope he can come back and show out.
  16. What to do with this guy? 10T H2H 9-cat 4-2 record, last in rebounds, waiting for Ayton 68.2 FG% on 4.7 fga 63.2 FT% on 2.1 fta 9.2 reb 2 ast 0.4 stl 1.1 blk 1.1 TO 7.8 pts Theres not really a clear better C on the waiver, but I’m looking at Wagner, Rondo or PJ Tucker. I had to drop B Clarke but will pick him up as soon as possible. Would it be worth dropping DJ for any of these guys?
  17. Yeah, like, this is pure speculation, but I really believe that a young player like Robinson has big bounce-back potential when he under performs. He's better than he's shown recently, and it's a rare pro player that can't recognise areas of improvement in their game. He wants to be on the court, and I think he knows what he needs to do to stay on it. Just a matter of discipline (and maybe a nudge to Mr. Fritzdale).
  18. Stunningly bad percentages: 37.3% FG and 43.2% FT. Is there literally any single player with worse FG and FT in the league? Plenty of low FT but high FG around (Dwight, DeAndre). His TOs seem fine though. Averaging just 1.4 on the season, and 1.0 since he took the starting gig.
  19. I’m confused about this week-to-week business for what sounds like such a minor injury. No idea what to do. I think I’ll write him off for this week and hope he’s back next week. I really can’t see this lasting longer than this unless it turns out to be a legit injury and not just soreness.
  20. No, but it's not awful. It's just that I think we've seen the best of Sabonis, and just about the worst of Robinson. Would feel like the wrong time to trade him away tbh.
  21. Statistically? Efficiency at the line mainly, then TOs and 3pt percentage
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