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  1. Bump! League is closer to capacity then you would think lets get it filled!
  2. The itch to partake in a start up dynasty football rookie draft has been killing me during this offseason so i'm taking on the chore of setting up a league to experience the fun of a start up draft during these dog days of the summer. For the best experience of the league the rookie and inaugural dynasty auction's will be split up into two separate drafts. So as soon as the league would be filled the fun could start. 14 team super flex PPR Yahoo QB RB RB/WR WR WR Flex TE OP The yearly rookie draft will take place before the auction and rep
  3. If anyone else is interested in being considered for the available spot just drop your contact information below
  4. Greetings Rotoworld. Have a opening in a fantasy league that's very special to my heart. 14 team 25$ yearly buy in through league safe. Keeper league with a supplementary farm system. 7x7 league. Extra categories QS, TB, SVHD, OBP, BAA Have a special group of owners and have had a strong participation and not much turnover besides the core group of owners. 5 keepers per season, The league runs through a 3 year contract options for players kept through the fantasy draft and or picked up during free agency. Homegrown players via your supplementary farm are eligible to be consid
  5. There’s one spot remaining in the league and we’ll be drafting at 8pm on Monday the 21st. Leaguesafe payment due by 11/11. If these details work for you drop your email below asap
  6. One more spot remaining before we get the draft date. Get in here! Bump!
  7. Still recruiting for the league, if you’d like additional information drop your email so we can chat. The league is 65% towards capacity so it should be full by the weekend. Hit me!
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