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  1. Sabonis started at 5 last game when Myles was out, so I dont think he's an instant add.
  2. Same, same and same. How on this effing earth my 2 best bigs can break their hands in the same effing game?! I still cant process it lol.
  3. I have both Nurkic and Myles in the same team, and both injured their hands in the same game. This game is being tragicomical sometimes.
  4. It might not only be a sore hand, unfortunately. Hope it's not something too serious.
  5. I'm actually encouraged rather than being worried. The reason is his FT %. He looks comfortable at the line, and he has already had a good shooting motion. He'll surely do what he always do in very near future, i.e. rebounding, assisting, getting defensive stats, add a better FT to that (expecting 78-80% this season), he's in contention to be a top 15 player ROS.
  6. I'm all in on this guy this season, so a SOLID steal for you imo. I'm targeting him in rounds 8-9 depending on my situation at that point of the draft. I'd even reach for him near 75th pick if I desperately in need for assists.
  7. He's still ranked after 200 on Y! even after the newest ranking update. He can be gold in last round for those who punt FT.
  8. You won't and shouldn't pick Bridges in early mid rounds, where BBM projects him. His strongest categories (TO and STL) aren't scarce in later rounds and also those are probably the most volatile 2 categories. He's a perfect example of the term "glue guy". If you are struggling in steals and TOs after you build your team's core in first 6-7-8 rounds and already solid in points, he'd be a perfect fit for your team. He has a very good chance to return a solid value this season imo, but he's not for everyone.
  9. I don't know how he will fare 1 season later in 2021-2022 season, but I don't touch him unless he falls pick #30 this season.
  10. He's just another reason why I don't target threes early. If I can't decide between two guys in early/mid rounds, I'll take whose value doesn't derive from threes cuz I know Duncan Robinson, Joe Harris, Ross, Bertans, Seth Curry and bunch of other volume 3-point shooters will be available later.
  11. It's actually a good thing that they changed the rankings if you are playing in competitive leagues. Everyone in my leagues know what they do, so they do not pay attention to ADPs or rankings and etc on Y!. At least I can do more realistic mocks from now on, which means a better preperation for my real drafts.
  12. After the first 9 obvious picks (AD, Harden, KAT, Giannis, Dame, Steph, Luka, Joker, Trae), I can't see myself picking anyone else than Tatum, Book and Beal. All the other alternatives (Kawhi, LeBron, Embiid, PG13, KD, Kyrie) in that range come with obvious risks. I expect sth like 28 pts, 2.5 treys, 4.5 rebs, 6 asts with elite efficiency. His steals are his biggest deficiency for his position, but there are bunch of steals guys at the end of middle rounds/later rounds to offset it. I know it's not very popular, but even punt steals build is on the cards for me.
  13. Yes, but fantasy season is probably over dude
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