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  1. I am interested. Can you send me the open roster joeroth72488@yahoo.com
  2. Up to 10, going to go with 14 teams. Probably expand starting rosters too
  3. Creating a start up Devy league. Email me if interested. Still working out the details. $75-100, leaguesafe, 12-14 teams. 53 man roster, 5 man taxi squad, devy’s kept separate, start 9 offense, 11 defense. joeroth72488@yahoo.com
  4. We are rolling into our second season of a 16 team dynasty league. Need 2 replacement owners. H2H points on Fantrax. Entry fee half off, we split it last year due to Covid. Email me for roster details. Joeroth72488@yahoo.com
  5. 10-cat roto $100 league safe 12 team Dynasty with expansion rosters for rookies Slow auction Email joeroth72488@yahoo.com
  6. Yes, email me, had one drop out everyone else is paid joeroth72488@yahoo.com
  7. Well let me know...league is full but not everyone has paid yet.
  8. Instead of say a 30 second clock it's a 12 hr clock. But 36 players are nominated at once instead just 1. Once a owner wins a bid, the person who nominated that player gets to nominated another immediately.
  9. 2 spots left, kick off the draft as soon as everyone has paid
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