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  1. WOW so this morning the system was updated and the 49ers D/ST was changed back to 23 PA. They are now saying that they are going to change it back again to 29 PA. My time playing on ESPN is over. Any recommendations for other decent platforms?
  2. S/o to ESPN... They changed the 49ers D/ST scoring back to 23 points allowed. Restored a lot of faith back in you guys for that one.
  3. No, this was the standard D/ST scoring ruling. Some platforms went with 23, some with 29. ESPN's Field Yates broke down on Twitter earlier this season why a similar play against the Patriots did not count towards their points allowed. "Correct. The only points that count against your D/ST are those scored by the opposing offense. However, if your D OR ST scores a TD, you are awarded those points." This is not how they ruled the 49ers D/ST points allowed total against the Falcons. So they essentially flipped flopped from a previous breakdown of how the scoring was supposed to be rule
  4. ESPN got back to me and said they will not be changing the 49ers D/ST points allowed total as 29 points is the correct scoring. I want to point out one thing. They are the only fantasy football platform to do this, that I am aware of. Yahoo and NFL fantasy football scored the 49ers D/ST as having only 23 points allowed. They both also scored the Patriots D/ST in Week 3 as having 2 points allowed and the Falcons D/ST as having only 31 points allowed, staying consistent with their scoring discrepancies. ESPN also has the Patriots D/ST as 2 points allowed in Week 3 and the Falcons
  5. Right, that logic seems fine with me. But this is not how ESPN has scored fumbles returned for TDs on ST plays. If ESPN was content with scoring D/ST plays like that from the beginning, I wouldn't be asking for an explanation. Example: Week 3: Jets vs Patriots. Jets punt the ball, Patriots punt returner muffles, fumbles the ball, Jets recover in end zone for a TD. Patriots D/ST is not charged for those points allowed. Week 7: Rams vs Falcons. Same exact scenario. Falcons muffled punt, Rams returned for TD. Falcons D/ST was not charged for the points. Week 15: 49ers v
  6. ESPN decided to be different and alter the 49ers D/ST points allowed from 23 to 29. As far as I'm aware, CBS, Yahoo, and NFL fantasy football have scored the 49ers D/ST as having just 23 points allowed. The technicality here is the fumble on the kick return for a touchdown at the end of the 49ers-Falcons game should not count against the 49ers D/ST points allowed total. That's how ESPN had scored previous games throughout this year, up until this game on Sunday. Which also just so happens to be during fantasy football playoffs. I lost my semi-finals matchup by less th
  7. Completely disagree, I don't think Belichick would have 1) drafted him and 2) easily let go of Gordon if he didn't want to use him. I'm not saying he's a lock to make an impact immediately, but I think he's going to get a fair share of the targets in the passing game if he's on the field. Upside is huge here.
  8. If he's activated, I'm starting him. But I also have Julio Jones and Michael Thomas both on a bye, so I don't have many other options. He should fill right in where Gordon left off as the X. He was a straight baller in college, his ankle injury was not serious, and he has Tom Brady throwing to him. With Gordon out of the picture, he's the biggest WR on that roster. What's not to love about this upside? Everyone should be stashing him.
  9. Torn between what D/ST to start or stream this week. Who's a better play? 49ers Eagles Panthers
  10. 49ers fan here. If you drafted him expecting him to be a workhorse, you didn't do your homework. Shanahan will be running a committee by design. That being said, Coleman is the most valuable back on the roster because when healthy, he's a near lock to be the GL back. He's a great buy low candidate because he has flex worthy appeal.
  11. He was a fifth round draft pick out of Boise State and he has a history of leg injuries. Bigger and slower than most backs in the league right now. I'm not sure that he'll be fantasy relevant ever again, unfortunately.
  12. I own both Gordon and Ekeler. I'm leaning with starting Ekeler > Gordon in my lineup. Volume is what matters. So unless they're lying about Gordon's usage, Ekeler seems like the better play.
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