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  1. I Think i’d go Powell. i have Almost same situation..
  2. take it and run.. its a steal... Take out Adams in that deal and it was still fair.. this is a no brainer
  3. He changed hes offer to Keenan Allan and Panthers D for Emmanuel Sanders and 49'ers. Should i accept?
  4. i would not do it. Cook is THAT good. You are settled at WR.. Adams will hopefully be back anytime og Keenan Allan can easily bounce back. Take away the 30 point in week 5 for Michael Thomas, and hes numbers are really not THAT good..
  5. agree.. i would not do it. If Drake get the leading role, you can get a way better trade for him.
  6. Standard no Ppr. 1QB, 2RB 2WR 1 RB/WR My team: QB: Russel Wilson RB: Chubb, Barkley, J. Howard, Kareem Hunt, Chase Edmunds WR: Julio, E. Sanders, Larry, Auden Tate, Corey Davis TE: Kelce Defence: 49'ers and Jets (they have a nice schedule upcomming) Kicker: Joey Slye, WillLutz Someone offered me Tyler Lockett and Panthers D for 49'ers and Will Lutz (he has a thing for Lutz for some reason). I keep picking the wrong WR2, so i could use an upgrade and i dont see anything of interest on waive that really give me an upgrade. Saying that i re
  7. What if i gave up Kelce insted of Julio? So i give Barkley and Kelce? Kelce is my only TE, but there are a few TE on waiver i can take. Plan is to pick up whatever TE is playing Arizona.
  8. No. You are allready covered on Wr. If you sell chubb You pay to much.
  9. I Think the Trade Will help him more than you. If you do the Trade you only have two RB. Kenyan Drake is worth nothing. He Will Win Big as He doesnt really need OBJ..
  10. Definitely no.. i would never do that. you take a major blow on TE and Wr and is Barkley really better than fournette?
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