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  1. Traded Dissly for David Montgomery, Full PPR league. Dissly was my third TE behind Waller and Engram, so wasn't really using him. Needed an upgrade for my RB3
  2. If that's David Montgomery, plus next years First and a Third, I think that's a pretty good deal...
  3. 14 Team Full PPR Dynasty. I have Newton and Keenum for QBs (both out), desperately needed a QB. Was able to get Minshew and a Third RD Pick, for Will Fuller. Considering my desperation, I think I made out okay.
  4. I would bid higher on Williams. Maybe 5% for Dorsett and 10% for Williams? Let us know how you make out tomorrow
  5. May be able to get away with around 5-10%. He looked incredibly off with Brady against a tough Bills D. But is the 3rd receiver in a high powered offense.
  6. 14 Team Dynasty - No starting QB avail in Waivers. I have Keenum (Benched) and Newton (hurt), leaving me with no start-able QB currently. I have $150 remaining from a $200 budget. Chase Daniel is available along with Colt McCoy. Thoughts on bid cost? Looks like every other team has atleast one starter with a viable backup, but being dynasty, teams may over bid, just to have the depth.. My teams a middle of the pack team most likely to miss the playoffs...
  7. I would hold... I look at it as Rams/Jags offense vs Bengals/Panthers offense
  8. Traded away Tyrell Williams for Waller. 10 Team PPR. Tyrell was on my bench not being used and Waller slides in as my Starting TE. Had Howard who has been disappointing. I feel like I won this trade. Fingers crossed
  9. I was able to scoop up Darius Slayton for $9 with $160 remaining. just over 5% of my remaining budget. Probably a tad bit high. But was worried $5 wasn't enough and $10 was too high
  10. Thoughts on bid for Darius Slayton - 14 Team PPR. $200 limit. I was thinking $9. But have seen some weird bids lately...
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