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  1. Yes Det is bad, very bad against the run Yes Gamescript likley favors Houston running the ball Yes they will get Tunsil back anyway, for me too much uncertainty with this guy. We saw his floor around 5-6 points. TD or Bust. And i don‘t see that tuddy coming. think it depends on your options at rb. I would play him over other uncertain low floor guys. But if you have other decent option, I‘m benching and avoid the turkey game. And if he goes off by accodent, i‘m looking to get his points from the Gus Bus 😤 or even Monty
  2. Expect at least 15 touches for him on the ground and hopefully 2-4 Targets. Should turn into a nice stat line
  3. I‘d consider someone like gurley, djohnson, montgomery
  4. Benched bobby trees for beasley last second 🤡🤡🤡
  5. Was leading 143.78 to 135.48, opponent had Bears D left. So basically all under 9 points gives me the win. Well, looking great till bobby trees fumbles in late 4th, lost the Game by .7 🤬🤬🤬 in this league i‘m now 1-6 and the high scoring team with average 133 ppr points for and 144 ppr points againts. Cant believe this
  6. Not more than 8 Points for Bears Def...
  7. I‘m not done on ryan. Once julio is back things will look better
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