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  1. i guess i would agree. terry has performed even when the team really hasnt so for me he's usually an auto start.
  2. guy is a beast. I started a TE but honestly even at qb he might be worth it. Rather have taysom than lamar. 2020 is crazy.
  3. agree he's been solid. not a league winner but can get 7-15pts.
  4. Yeah same position here. terry is a BEAST just needs a half way decent qb
  5. going for the ballage and herbert stack today. lets hope the jets dont hang tough
  6. I managed to pick up taysom hill. Guess this is what it feels like to get more than 7-10 pts from your TE.
  7. I created a facebook discussion group that anyone can join and ask questions
  8. @Jrt80 gotta agree he can always break out. Would love to see him used a bit more in the pass game.
  9. Match up proof at this pt? WST has a great pass D
  10. Starting this week? I feel like I owe it to A.J to start him even after a dud last week
  11. tomlin mentions the respect he has for jrob. Makes me worried for this week
  12. good point. I was worried with irv smith on the field. Also figured they may just run the ball a lot more
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