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  1. meh.... did Tampa look good last night???? No, they barley beat the giants... Don't hang that on Fournette, use your head Godwin + AB to join the receivers shortly = opening up the running game. Yes its Fournette SZN, the best is yet to come
  2. No Kittle.. QB.. looks like the defenses will key in on the run.. Maybe San Fran should grab another 4-5 RB's and run them into the ground as well
  3. yep totally agree with you on that. Look at the games when he plays without Godwin, they struggle, run game gets stuffed constantly.. defenses key on Evans cause he's the only threat (scottie mehler). I would think #1 CBs will be sticking with godwin/AB when they are healthy, giving Evans better opportunities, he's not meant to catch the ball 7-10 yards and fall, hes a deeper, big body threat. AB/Godwin can make magic happen out of those short passes, Evans can't. AB/Godwin owner here
  4. I really think AB joining will actually help Evans.. sure he might not get the 1-5 yard passes any more that hes been getting but it will open the field up a bit more for him, defenses will need to respect Godwin and AB tearing up the short/mid passes... all it takes is for Evans to get a step on a DB and it could be a long TD. Excited to see this team as it looks deadly on paper. BUCS 2020!!! (bring back Alstott too!)
  5. looked a little nervous out there to be honest... quite the gig to step into when 3 backs go down - homer was active and didnt even see him i think, maybe a couple snaps here and there but it was all Dallas. 2 TD's though is very nice, with everyone thinking lockett / metcafe would be those redzone targets, 2 yd pass (3rd and goal) and 1 yd rush (1st and goal, first attempt). Overall was a great spot start whoever plugged him in.. Now when Penny gets back.. the backfield gets even muddier, carson hyde dallas homer.. if penny is healthy does he slot in over hyde or dallas???
  6. logic would tell you they don't view him as a starter... unlike all the chase edmonds owners barking that he should be LOL.. inflated YPC is edmonds jam.... 3rd and 27 - safeties and DB play it safe... edmonds gets a dump off pass for 18 yards (Cuz they defense gave him the yards to not give up the deep) and then you have all edmonds owners saying look how good!!. ps. if only edmonds could play the giants every game eh?
  7. could you show me where dallas looked utterly awful actually??? Hyde had more missed blocks in OT than Dallas did. On the big hit on Wilson, defense brought 7 to their 6... Olsen and Hyde had full blown missed rushers that sacked Wilson but Dee Jay gets flack for 1 when he had multiple rushers?
  8. lol what are you talking about doc? they definitely feel the same
  9. you only put on IR if he will be out more than 3 games.... if they aren't putting on IR, logic says he's not hurt that bad
  10. great match up, philly missing weapons... only bad part is philly has bye next week.. Is he worth the stash?? Sanders may be out this game as well which makes Reagor that much more appealing...
  11. have to start this week with 8 guys that have projected zero points this week(IR/bye squad).. Godspeed Jet
  12. drop till they figure out QB issues and their lead receiver gets more than 40 yards in a game...
  13. bruh.. how do you have zeke, CMC and carson? lol
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