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  1. Playoffs started in my league yesterday. I have Capela & FVV, would you drop either to stream?! thanks.
  2. I have Huerter, Derrick White, and Bogdan who I would consider moving on from. I kinda need stocks, 3s, and percentages. 12team H2H 9cat thanks.
  3. I’d keep R Jax at least until we see how the trade deadline shakes out. I have fingers crossed that Ingles retains good ROS value. Conley is a bum.
  4. I have Capela as well that I would replace Nurk in IR with. I’m in a good spot in standings, just wondering if Nurk is worth the logjam.
  5. Should I keep Nurk in IR or drop for someone like House? 12 team H2H 9cat thanks!
  6. Drop Huerter for Derrick White? 10 team H2H 9cat. thanks.
  7. Actually.. Bogdanovic, Melton, and Monte Morris. Keep Two. thanks! 12team H2H 9 cat.
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