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  1. I would go for it. Mahomes is going to keep trying to play through the ankle and doesn’t have a bye until week 12 so who knows what his production will be going forward. The Jets schedule really lightens up in November and Bell is their number one overall without a doubt and can put up serious numbers especially with Darnold back. Jackson won’t put up as good as numbers as Mahomes but he’s proven he can put up something comparable and Bell makes up for any lost points.
  2. PPR league and we have 3 WR slots to fill. Who do I roll with? Evans vs CAR Juju @ LAC Fitzgerald vs ATL Gallup @ NYJ
  3. Man, I hope sooner rather than later. It sounds like though he’s taking his time with rehab and making sure he’s absolutely 100% healed unless he gets a new contract in which case he’ll be back sooner.
  4. PPR league Should I drop Rex Burkhead for Golden Tate coming back from suspension next week? Current roster (starters) is as such: QB (1): Brissett/Dalton/Brees RB (2): Ingram, Gordon, Hyde, Rex WR (3): Evans, Juju, Fitz, Gallup, Green TE (1): Waller I feel my WRs are strong as is but both Evans and Juju are on bye in week 7 and I’m not sure both Gallup and Green will each be back to fill in. I can’t drop a QB yet as the FA pool is thin and Brissett has a bye coming up soon also. Trying to be proactive as this league is super on top of the FA pool and pickings are always thin. Thoughts?
  5. I would take Juju. It’ll take a few more weeks for him and Rudolph to get a good connection going but there’s hardly anyone else in that offense stealing targets. Gordon still has to compete with Edelman and Dorsett plus when NE goes up on people, they’ll lean more on their RBs in clock killing mode. Also, Pitt will possibly be playing from behind often this year which will open up more passing and catches for Juju.
  6. I would go with Tyrell. He’s Carr’s #1 WR if you don’t include Waller. Michel against a tough Bills defense is hard to trust especially with White coming back and Rex continuing to steal snaps.
  7. I was in the same boat and went with dropping Mitch and adding Brissett. I feel Brissett has the most potential in that offense with a good ground game for support. Dalton could also be a good add as he’s looked decent in Zac Taylor’s offense and has been airing it out tons the first few games. If Green gets back anytime soon, that’ll help his cause even more.
  8. In a heartbeat. GB has struggled with the run all year and although Gurley has had a slow start, I think McVay is just easing him in and will soon get rolling with some good momentum.
  9. It’s a win-win with either one you choose to trade. I imagine most weeks you’ll be playing Kamara and Gordon anyways as your two RBs and can sub in your other back as a bye filler a couple of times.
  10. I would go with Knox. Buffalo can give NE fits out of nowhere and may try to do so with Allen checking down to Knox early and often. Hock’s one good game was against a pourous Arizona defense so he may not produce like that very often again this year.
  11. Like everyone else’s sentiments, Dalvin is going to be hard to get. If you can though, by all means go for it. With you hurting at RB, you may need to target a different player elsewhere in exchange for Juju.
  12. Keep Waller. He's nearly the only weapon in Oakland outside of Williams and is producing top 5 numbers. You can flip him for a better deal later if needed given the luxury you have with Kelce. Freeman hasn't looked good in over a year and wouldn't be any kind of improvement to your current team.
  13. I would stick with Gordon and Lindsey. The Chargers have a better offense so teams can't just stack the box to stop Gordon which isn't the case for Bell. Sure Bell will get touches but I think Gordon ultimately will end up with a good share of touches for himself and more TD's even contending with Ekeler. Lindsey also looked good last week and hopefully can start gaining some good momentum going forward.
  14. I would stick with OBJ. I think your RB depth is strong enough as it is and losing OBJ would hurt your WR depth more than you would get in return. Also, Hunt coming back mid-year could put a slight dent in Chubb's production.
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