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  1. If I started a dynasty roto league with real NBA salaries and contracts (run through Fantrax). Would anyone be interested? Open to figuring out these rules: - auction or snake draft (slow or at one time) - league size (10-14 teams) - amount of keepers (either keep all or a small minimum of drops) - follow real nba contract lengths or create our own contract system (but following yearly salaries) - will be a money league (open to start between $50 - $100 via Leaguesafe) I ran one of these for 6 years and was looking to join one already being run, but can't fin
  2. a big plus would include salary cap. very experienced owner, will join startup or take over team in an experienced league. jtodap@yahoo.com
  3. looking to join your leagues. got any openings?


  4. willing to take over team in long-standing league or join committed startup MUSTS : - roto - dynasty - league buy-in ($50+ preferred) - real contracts with salary cap jtodap@yahoo.com
  5. Seeking established roto dynasty/keeper league with buy-in $$. Willing to take over team and stay in for the long haul. email jtodap@yahoo.com
  6. I'm looking for a deep dynasty league. Preferences: - Roto - Some type of $100+ buy-in - Established league, not new. - Willing to take over teams, in it for the long haul. - High keeper count. - Serious league only.
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