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  1. HUGE let down from Aaron Rodgers this week! [...] Thanks Aaron!!
  2. Sure feels that way. Even now...BIG interception...Now is scoring range...and they are just running the ball like they are up by 35 points...
  3. Come on!! Take that interception to the house big man!!
  4. Bro...You literally took the words right out of my mouth. Its also like they all the sudden felt like this game was in hand, so started playing conservatively instead of keeping the petal to the metal. They are giving Chicago an opportunity to get back in this game...
  5. Can any of these receivers get in the end zone?? Need some points for Rodgers!!!
  6. Could Aaron Rodgers have managed the end of that first half any worse?
  7. 4th and Goal and Carr throws the ball away...Hahaha...This dude is a clown...Even a high school QB understands that you throw it up and give someone a chance to make a play... Killing me...
  8. Does Carr even understand the situation?
  9. Carr...4th and Goal...Throws the ball away!?!?! WTF!!
  10. What the hell Aaron Rodgers!?!? Expected more against an awful Redskins Defense..:
  11. The decision to play Jonathan Williams is going to end my playoff hopes...
  12. Did Jonathan Williams get hurt, or did they literally just bench him?
  13. I am in the same boat. They gave Williams a shot in the first half. Had 14 yards on 8 carries, with 10 of those yards coming on 1 of those carries. As much as it hurts, I would have benched him too...
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