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  1. Having Winker/Moose/Castellanos at Coors hasn’t been near as cool as I expected so far. Hopefully it’ll stay dry and at least Winker and Castellanos will do something.
  2. Anyone see that pitch Kyle Seager was rung up on? Angel Hernandez needs to be Old Yellered but he was never a good dog to begin with.
  3. I’m with you. I just got all the dirt cleaned off my phone after throwing it across the yard. Thanks, Bell.
  4. Visited Globe Life for the first time tonight. That second homer of Gallo’s was a laser beam that looked like it could have blown through the batter’s eye in center and hit the side of the old stadium. It was a rocket. Six homers between Texas and Seattle tonight.
  5. Who the hell is Sam Selman. Thanks, bud.
  6. WTH Gant, quit walking everyone.
  7. Let Rush be, he makes me laugh. Why get so mad? That kind of stuff can be entertaining...like when crotchcrickets goes on a rant or DrWhom starts calling everyone on his team a steaming pile of dung.
  8. Maybe Rush over in Bench Coach has a point after all.
  9. I’m in a 7x7 with S+H as a cat, With fourteen categories you can afford punting a little. A few years back I got sick of RPs blowing up and got mad and ditched/traded them all. I don’t even carry relievers anymore. I prefer the deeper rotation and bench it allows me to put together. It’s better for my blood pressure too.
  10. I’d been cruising along kind of okay watching other teams’ rosters get depleted by injuries and feeling mostly lucky. Not anymore though with Robert, Castellanos, deGrom, d’Arneau, and Yelich (again) welcoming me to the injury club. It seems like every year we all say “how bad the injuries are this year” but this time it’s getting true for me.
  11. I’m wondering why I drafted him in the second round instead of just getting Madrigal 200 picks later.
  12. I wonder the same. Not sure yet if he’s a drop and I need that spot for Yelich.
  13. If you’re trying to quit drinking, just make a drinking game based on Gleyber hitting HRs. 0-3 so far today.
  14. No he’s just displaying how great deGrom is with a joke because deGrom is batting .462 and went 0/2 last night.
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