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  1. Saw that a few mins from tip off and put him back on for Martin then noticed Dejounte Murray INJ so I had to replace him with Martin anyways
  2. Semi finals in my weekly league. Thinking of swapping Butler out for Cody Martin but these updates from Spoelstra seem promising... do I risk it for the biscuit?!? Jimmy’s history with nagging injuries bothers me
  3. Can’t believe I chose doumbaya over this guy
  4. Just as likely to post a dud given his track record but I hope he finds his groove at south beach
  5. OR MAYBE his diet is the secret to his game .....
  6. There’s still a strong chance Pels can make playoffs. Jrue will remain an early round player ROS if they can stay in the hunt. Despite his recent slump he is still the best two way player on that team. He was already sitting on 9/2/5/1 at the half before they blew out the bulls.
  7. Do my eyes deceive me??? Pls lord I might’ve just lost Kyrie for the season. Conley I need u my man
  8. What a beast!!! Wish he’d just stay on the court!
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