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  1. I dont know why but i am expecting covid safety protocols to come up again
  2. hes probably ramping it up like JJJ making tiktoks, eating ribs and whatnot
  3. Warren (foot) has been cleared to begin his rehab but isn't close to participating in on-court drills, Tony East of the West Indianapolis Community News reports. Can anyone translate this?
  4. Any updates? Aside from the breaking news that he likes eating bbq ribs.
  5. Nope. Playing 7 years the same 9cat 12man league, without an IL.
  6. Dropped. I'd rather wait for Jonathan Isaac than this tiktoker
  7. I hope hes not playing fortnite at home while i drown like titanic in my league
  8. At this point, Jonathan Isaac looks as a safer bet.
  9. If thats true, JJJ is not worth the hold.
  10. Funny how all the guys who praised him as a top 25 player disappeared from this thread.
  11. After Towns, JJJ, Valanciunas and OG, it just keeps getting better.
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