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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. I am actually leaning on the Turner side and a big reason is a feel like I have too many streaming spots on my roster, more than I feel comfortable with and I think doing a good 2 for 1 makes my roster better overall. 

  2. I would be holding tight for now...see if his appeal has any kind of success (seems like they usually don't).  Maybe shop him around to see if there are any risky owners in your league? I would seek out other avenues before dropping though, he's still got some kind of value just have to figure out what it is.

    Help here if you can 


  3. Team and setting is in my signature.  I've wanted to get a deal done for Jrich since the draft but have cooled on that recently as I just am not sure about his situation.  Jrich owner has sent the following deals to me.  You like or you don't like? Freddie Vanvleet seems forreal and on the other deal Jrich and Hield are really struggling to start the year. Leave a link and I will help where I can.

    Jrich for my Freddie Vanvleet or.....

    Jrich and Hield for my Turner

  4. 12 Team 8 Cat H2H (ESPN)

    We can keep 3 players every year at the previous years ADP.  I am set with Jokic and Irving for 2 of mine.  I had Turner on my squad last year and can keep him as an 8th rounder (thanks ESPN) or am considering trading a draft pick for JJJ and can keep him as an 11th round pick.  I know it depends on what I would have to give up for JJJ (looking like an 8th round pick) but just curious what others would do.  Love the blocks that Turner brings to solidify that category but the upside of JJJ in a keeper style system has me thinking.  

    Leave your link and will help where I can.

  5. I always go with the side of higher upside when it comes to keepers.  Bagley should do well in the rebounding categories and really showed out to end the season.  Murray is a little too popcorn staty for my taste, so I would say Bagley with LMA being a close second.

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