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  1. Hurt. Terrible 1st 3 picks for me this year: Adams, Odell and Damien Williams (LOL). OJ Howard in the 6th round didn't help matters either.
  2. The team that won my league was probably the worst on paper headed into the playoffs but somehow knocked off the Lamar Jackson team last week and the Mahomes team this week. He would have lost both games if it wasn't for the out of nowhere insane production from Kenyan Drake these past two weeks. Strange ending to a strange season. Until next year for me.
  3. Need 30 pts between Wilson and Metcalf to win my matchup. Not liking my chances.
  4. Note to self: When you have older name value RB in RBBC that is being outplayed by an unknown younger player, drop the name value guy for the younger one.
  5. Double Whammy because also picked Metcalf over AJ Brown. Terrible decisions.
  6. Lmmaaaao. Brown is going to drop 50 on my bench.
  7. Of course i was too scared to play Brown and went with Metcalf.
  8. Had Pascal in as my flex at 12:57 then subbed him out. Hopefully Metcalf can have an okay game.
  9. I take it lots of people will use this latest news as an excuse to bench him so that gives me a strong indication he'll probably go off.
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