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  1. Down 10, have Henry against opponent's Aaron Jones and Adams. Biggest Titans fan alive right now
  2. I agree with this here. Tyron Johnson is also an option if Allen is out, but I'd still lean Moss in that situation. Thanks for mine.
  3. Temper expectations for Metcalf for sure but DO NOT bench him. Even under these circumstances he has the ability to go off and you don't want that happening with him on your bench. Help?
  4. (0.5 ppr) Cole Kmet @ Jax Or Evan Engram @ Bmore (I start the Ravens D/ST if that means anything) Also if Gibson can't go should I start Kupp (@ Seattle) or Jalen Reagor (@ Dallas). Starting Hurts as well, again if that means anything. Thanks and good luck to everyone. WHIR!
  5. This^ Opponent also had Gronk and Fournette going today...
  6. I also rolled with Hebert after Dak went down. It's a very hard choice but I'm thinking Hurts has the better game this week, all things considered. I honestly think both QBs will have good days though
  7. Good problem to have here. I like Mostert here slightly more though, probably more of a Chubb day against NYG. Thanks for mine
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