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  1. I would say Griffin, but given his early season injury already I would consider this pretty even. Especially with Hayward out 4-6 weeks this is Tatum's time to shine now. I think I'd go with whoever you like better in this one. Thanks for the help!
  2. 12 Team 9 Cat H2H Which side wins this deal? Chris Paul/Tobias Harris or Jimmy Butler/Jonathan Issac ???
  3. Warren is basically a guy that will only fill the points category. Everybody else provides more all-around production. Honestly a tough call. In situations like this I usually just roll with the guy I like best. Maybe stick with Porter and add/drop accordingly as the season goes on. Good luck!
  4. 12 Team 9 Cat H2H Who would you rather have moving forward? I just got offered Draymond Green for MY Chris Paul....
  5. 16 Team 9 Cat H2H Having a difficult time choosing my keeper. It is a value keeper in an auction league, so whoever you choose to keep you lose that players value that they were drafted at last season. Jrue Holiday - $30 or Nikola Vucevic - $20 Which player would provide better value for the upcoming season? Thanks in advance! WHIR LEAVE LINK
  6. I'm just a little bit worried about Kawhi's "rest/maintenance" days and if the Grizzlies continue to lose they might just tank and not play Conley as much. LeVert is expected to come back sometime in February. Need some more input!
  7. 16 Team 9 Cat H2H Obvioulsy a lot of concern/uncertainty with Anthony Davis' rest of season outlook, but this deal was just offered to me. I am currently sitting in 1st place in this 16 team league. Do I take it or is it too risky? I give: Nikola Vucevic/Jrue Holiday I receive: Anthony Davis/De'Aaron Fox
  8. 12 Team 9 Cat H2H Just offered to me... I give: Kevin Durant/Danillo Gallinari I receive: Kawhi Leonard/Mike Conley/Caris Levert Please help!
  9. Is he playing tonight or what!?!?!?!?! Game tips off in 10 minutes and no real updates. Not even from Jazz beat reporters. Anybody know?
  10. They keep listing him as questionable, which makes it appear to be just day-to-day. But what is it exactly? I have to at least be a little bit nervous. I was about to trade for him!
  11. ABSOLUTELY ABSURD !!!!! God I HATE this f*cking team
  12. Confirmed that he has no minutes limit for today's game, but he will NOT be playing tomorrow.
  13. Chances he plays Sunday? Maybe give Harden a rest day instead
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