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  1. What a great week to drop Greg the Leg in every single league that I’m in .
  2. People really think this team doesn’t have a receiver problem ? Yes Jackson is part of the problem but it doesn’t mean that they have a good receiving Corp either
  3. His left tackle just went down for the season too .
  4. His numbers today was better than I thought . Definitely needed a touchdown from him.
  5. I’d rather leave the Tight End spot blank at this point
  6. He had some goal line carries today but he couldn’t do anything with it . Ran him to the outside and got nowhere a couple of times
  7. Drafting Deshaun Watson has me so frustrated
  8. [...] If it wasn’t for this Covid thing I’d sell high .
  9. I thought I had a steal. Only thing stolen was my points from the Tight End position .
  10. A lot of games he went off in the first half but didn’t do anything in the second half . I also drafted him in the 3rd round but most likely won’t draft him that high next year .
  11. I have him and Waller . I think I will roll with Waller . I’m nervous with this being a short a week .
  12. I don’t know how I made it to the semifinals with him. Im going to have to bench him so I expect him to go off.
  13. Bump hoping for a breakout stretch can he even give us a breakout game
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