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  1. I drafted last night and I ended up with the following team: 1. (12) Jayson Tatum 2. (13) Joel Embiid 3. (36) Jusuf Nurkic 4. (37) Jimmy Butler 5. (60) Bojan Bogdanovic 6 (61) TJ Warren 7 (84) Brandon Clarke 8 (85) Dejounte Murray 9 (108) Eric Bledsoe 10 (109) Nerlens Noel 11 (132) Seth Curry I think I screwed it up in the 5th and 6th round, but otherwise I think I have a decent punt assists team.
  2. It's a strange league, categories are: FGM, FG%, FTM, FT%, 3PM, 3P%, PTS, OREB, DREB, AST, STL, BLK, TO, A/TO and PF We're drafting on saturday and I have the 12th position (this year the turn sucks IMO). I'm planning on getting Embiid+ Paul George and go for a punting assists build. What categories should I focus on?
  3. I'm thinking about dropping Herro and spend my waiver priority on Huerter... Who do you think has the best upside for the rest of the season? And how are the Heat and Hawks schedules for the fantasy PO?
  4. I'd drop Ingles too, as DonutGiveUp said, once Conley is back he's not going to have loads of productive nights
  5. I would drop Sato and House Jr, Noel will be a must own player in the moment Adams leave OKC, which I think is getting closer and closer
  6. The thing is, JJJ is not much of a rebounder. He's sure helping me in BLKS and 3s, but killing me too in PF (I'm in a 15-cat league with Fouls into account). Jamal, in the other hand, would help me in the A/TO ratio, PF, STLS and AST, but I have a punt AST build...
  7. I think you have a pretty well balanced team, too bad about Ayton and Bagley, but once these guys are back, you look pretty solid. Conley will bounce back for sure, and maybe you can trade Richardson+PJ for Hield now that is a buy-low candidate.
  8. So, this week I'm in a pretty tight match (H2H 15 cat league), and for tomorrow night I'll drop Wesley Matthews to get more GP, and I'm thinking about this four players... Any ideas? Who will get the better matchup in your opinion?
  9. Should I drop Darius and get Brandon from the wire? Usage vs upside...
  10. Team look really good, but I'm not used at all to see 18 drafted playes per team, so I think I'm not in the best position to judge it. I'd try to move Doncic+Rozier for a guy with some efficience and scoring...
  11. I like to take some risks on the waiver wire, and I think you could drop Smart for Brandon Clarke, I love the upside of this guy, and anytime JV's out... He would make you unstoppable at FG%s and REBS
  12. Yes, only 11 players per team, that makes the waiver wire very hot! Honestly I think our league is pretty weird, it's the only one like this I have seen around here, with 15 cat and 11 drafted players!
  13. Thanks, that's very useful stuff, I hope the 3PM department will be ok with Herro there, but dropping Garland for rebound specialists sounds doable, my only problem is the positions, since if I do that I'd only have 2 PG and 2 SF (My league rosters are PG, SG, SF, PF, C, 2 Util and 4 Bench)
  14. 12 team Yahoo! H2H, 15 Cats (FGM, FG%, FTM, FT%, 3PM, 3P%, DREB, OREB, AST, STLS, BLKS, A/TO, TO, PF) Snake Draft (6) Anthony Davis (19) Kemba Walker (30) Myles Turner (43) Buddy Hield (54) Jaren Jackson Jr. (67) Robert Covington (78) Wendell Carter Jr. (91) Dejounte Murray (102) Bogdan Bogdanovic (115) Tyler Herro
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