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  1. Got blasted by Tannehill, McClaurin, Carson, and CMac. Felt ok early but its become a lost cause now.
  2. Still rolling with Mahommes. Last time I overthought it was when he came back from injury and went wild. Not to mention that I don't buy the report too much. A sprain on the outside of your hand wouldn't affect grip that much. Or maybe I'm just talking myself into it.
  3. Metclaf even though I have Lockett and need him to do well. Still like DK here.
  4. Thomas and Parker. If Parker is ruled out before the game then Gesicki and Brown. Help me
  5. Freeman if you need to play it safer. Freeman if Hilton comes back. Pascal if you need upside. Help me
  6. Need 2 PPR. Don't be jealous. Lockett Thielen Slayton Fuller
  7. Need Elliot to get me 18, and with the NYG D I'm holding out hope.
  8. Still love this beast. But it was cut off in April to ensure he could play the next year if I recall correctly. He was afraid the recovery time to properly fix it would be too long.
  9. Need Lockett to out score Meyers by 12 or more in PPR all thanks to Fuller dropping another TD. Gotta sweat out another Monday night.
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