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  1. As an owner of both LaMelo and Devonte I really hope he does come of the bench. His minutes will still be there (30-35mpg) and his usage rate will rise with the second unit
  2. Encouraging game I could see him having a massive second half of the Season
  3. https://www.google.at/amp/s/kingjamesgospel.com/2021/02/25/cleveland-cavaliers-kevin-love-admits-guilty-injury-looks-forward-return/amp/ As „angry“ as I am as a Fantasy owner, I really can‘t be mad at him, I guess he‘s just as desperate as us
  4. Filled in nicely for my injured PG13, but now he really needs to be traded to be useful I guess
  5. I think it‘s safe to assume he‘s going to deliver once he‘s healthy (17&10 as he always did throughout is career), the big question is if and when he ever gets fully healthy again
  6. They are optimistic he returns before All Star Break?!? I thought he might play tomorrow...what a joke....
  7. https://www.google.at/amp/s/kingjamesgospel.com/2021/02/17/cleveland-cavaliers-how-much-would-kevin-love-difference/amp/ He could return on sunday vs OKC
  8. Of course he can, but he needs his minutes back (29mpg last year to 21 mpg this year)
  9. The big question is can he still be useful even with PG13 and Kawhi back in the mix? Maybe he earned himself more minutes with those performances
  10. Yeah I think so too, I just want to point out that it‘s paradoxal to say he should be his old self without getting his usual minutes
  11. so why is he not giving him his usual minutes than? I hope he won‘t fall back to 24min when PG is back, all he needs is 29min a night to be his old self
  12. Would a bench role be negative for him or could it even increase his value if his minutes stay the same?
  13. Give me 17 & 8 with 2,5 3s and I‘m happy I still think he‘s the vocal point of this offense once he‘s fully healthy
  14. I'm pretty sure they will ease him back but I have no problem with that if it helps him to stay healthy
  15. I offered my LaMelo for OG Anunoby couple of weeks ago, thank god he rejected
  16. that didn‘t age well, fortunately I did not
  17. Maybe they just want to showcase him for a trade, either way I'd love to see his minutes go up to 29min/game.
  18. Finally 29 minutes, I know PG is hurt but still, that's a season high
  19. Why did LaMelo‘s game today not count in my H2H category league?
  20. Would you give up Melo for OG at this point? (12-men H2H 10cat)
  21. Something like LaMelo + Lamb but this obviously won‘t be enough haha
  22. Well the chances of getting him are at least a bit higher since he's injured I guess
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