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  1. Why hasn't ESPN given him SG eligibility yet? BBref has him listed as SG both this season and last, with 34% of his mins coming at SG this year
  2. Am I reading my boxscore right? Lmao wtf
  3. This mofo gives me nothing in 3s. HARD DROP
  4. Feels weird that I'm desperately hoping he gets the OUT tag so I can stash him on IR yet here we are
  5. I wanna add this dude but feel like his mins will be revert back to mid-teens when KAT returns
  6. Watching 5 mins of this BOS/PHI game while monitoring my boxscore and it looks like Philly scorekeepers are very friendly with their awarding of assists lol. Not sure if these 5 mins are an exception or this is their standard operating procedure, but could be good news for Simmons owners
  7. Perhaps I'm just a glass half-full JA owner but this might be a good thing... I'm not sure how the other 29 teams value Drummond, but I'm willing to wager that Drummond values himself greater than $60M over long-term. So if CLE's intent is to get Drummond to take what would be a massive pay-cut for him, then this incentivizes them to tank his perceived value. As opposed to propping him up for a trade, they now have reason to diminish his role and establish him as a backup level player Again, this could simply be "glass half-full" reasoning, but I'm willing to roll with JA to see h
  8. Had a night last week when RoCo and PJ Tucker combined to go 2-22 lol
  9. Spo happened, he refuses to play Achiuwa with Bam. He'd rather play Iggy at the 4 with Bam because Spo is still under the delusion that Iggy is some kind of floor-spacer
  10. Traded Fultz (pre-injury) and Delon Wright for the Lord... and yet I might've lost that trade lol
  11. I read "will miss at least 8 weeks" as he'll miss at least 8 weeks of playing games. As in; there's a possibility he could be back in 9 or 10 weeks
  12. Got an IR spot to stash him. 10 weeks would mean he's back for the 1st round of my league's playoffs
  13. As a Nurk owner I'm tempted to put a bid on Giles but this dude's foul rate is disgusting. Career 6.6 PF per 36 and 8.6 this season. In previous seasons when it was lower, his BLK per 36 was a meager 1.0 Really not sure about this one
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