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  1. I think it’s more than wise and apropos to ask questions and/or be concerned about durability. And considering that’s the only question or concern an individual would have about Henry, that’s pretty damn awesome.
  2. Sorry, guys. Looks bad. We gotta do it with the other players on our squad.
  3. Have him on my bench, but don’t know what for quite yet.
  4. Get ready for the breakout!!! 🤣😆😆
  5. This is something to be aware of, and I’m STILL playing bro if he’s out there on the field.
  6. He is mad under-utilized. His strengths was receiving the ball and getting out in space, but it appears the offense will live and die through Watson.
  7. Got some good late game yards, but Aiyuk was right there with targets. WR2 moving forward, but of course would be nice to have Jimmy G back.
  8. If you had AJ Green last year, you know how exactly what this is like. It sucks, but hopefully we can get Golladay this week. Hell, I need him.
  9. This dude is for real. I can see him Top 5 WR discussion soon.
  10. Being ejected for most of the 2nd half doesn’t help, but still, unless it’s near the end zone, Tua can’t be counted on to get Parker the ball like he deserves.
  11. The defense bails this dude out, man. Not good for Parker owners (Granted, Parker can’t do much if he’s ejected). I prefer Fitz on all levels.
  12. Would love to go into playoffs with a big game from him. Maybe that Week 1 performance again, when I laughed at everyone because I thought I had struck gold.
  13. Yeah, I got that smoke last year as well. Kenny is no bum, though.
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