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  1. That’s exactly what i did, picked up booker and dropped Jackson no need to hold him now. What do u think about Ballage, he’s on waiver for tonight and i have a #3 pick? Is he worth it for the few weeks as a bench stash, not sure i need to start him with the team I have. Don’t want to waste my #3 pick it my come in handy at some point.
  2. I was able to pick up Agholar and Reagor of waivers this week so not to bad.
  3. Maybe answer others threads when asked to get more people to respond to yours.
  4. Sure why not, u may be hurting a few weeks until Thomas comes back but u get mixon also. I would insta this trade I think.
  5. Why so low on Evans? Henderson is this even serious? Evans had a few bad games so what everyone does, he’s setup to blowup this week. I would try to get someone better than that. I’m watching also cause I’m thinking of trading him also but not that low.
  6. Why trade Cook for a downgrade? You only trade up or u get mixon/jones and someone else to compensate the difference to make it worth it but I wouldn’t even do this. You trade up for Kamara or a healthy Mcafferey. Cook is match proof when healthy, he could easily put up 30 points against the hardest matchup of year. I have him also and am open to the right trade talks.
  7. Yes drop Freeman is an injury bumb on a crap Giants team they will throw more than run in games and Landry gets more targets now.
  8. Do we know Fournette is in going forward? I think he needs another week to tell you what the coaches will allow. Higgins is a starter and Odell is out so your guaranteed a certain amount of targets.
  9. If you think you will get more than a couple weeks out of him sure but first the injury to Drake is serious then its a couple weeks, you don’t know what your getting right now from the Cards RBs because they aren’t being straight up about it. I’m trying to trade away Drake and Edmonds not acquire them because of the coaching.
  10. I guess but why trade Zeke for Evans also? You just gave up your stud for players you don’t need.
  11. Why? I have Conner and wouldn’t do that. Now your counting on DJ to carry your rbs until Chubb comes back whenever that is? Conner is looking like he’s ready to start pushing out 20 points per week but DJ I’m not sure like how i felt at the start of season. I have DJ too but am concerned with the O-line there that he cant get fully going. Oh well Ihope it works out but I feel like you lost your big game capability, at least DJ is consistent every week which is cool.
  12. Not sure the dude is going to go for it, he knows his stuff when it comes to trades and I can’t low ball him. Any trade with him has to be even down the middle and not skimpy. Plus I’m cool with the guy and don’t want him to think of me that way. He knows AB is there and I’m sure he knows Evans may lose value.
  13. What can I try to get for Evans that would help me? I’m all for this move.
  14. Aiyuk or Landry first. Then scott, Hyde. Yes drop Kelley he sucks, no don’t touch Williams I wish I picked him up when he was a free pickup a few weeks ago.
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