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  1. Fun Fact: Dame and CJ have played together before. Guess what? Dame is still balling.
  2. Honestly if you haven't compensated yet for him not playing by now it's your own fault.
  3. People always do this, even in fantasy football. I think people just don't believe people can have good years if they haven't played at that level before, like guys can't possibly get better. I think it balances things out with a people who subscribe to this mentality and those that dont.
  4. This thread is pure comedy. Can we just start his thread after the first month of the season to get rid of the "What's wrong with Roco?" posts?
  5. Let's see who has a better career. MPJ would be a college senior right now.
  6. I'm sure the Raptors would gladly make that trade
  7. It is a "team source" so it could be speculation on their part too, no? Either way, plan as if he ain't coming through that door.
  8. The best strategy is to not expect him back this season. I know that's pretty drastic but from a mental standpoint you will get over constantly checking on him or making plans around him coming back. Just assume he is done. As someone who had Joe Mixon in fantasy football, I'm telling you this will save you the stress.
  9. Haven't watched the games but a quick look shows he has vastly improved in the midrange(from 38% to right at 48%) and in the paint percentages from last year. Not sure why.
  10. Revenge game. Rudy knows the ins and outs of their operation. He's the only one who can enter their headquarters undetected.
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