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  1. I don’t think you want to hope on Washington. Apparently Jacobs looked good today. I’d go bell
  2. I think Carson and a Jones are no brainers. I think I’d go Melvin and bell after that.
  3. I like AJ brown. But Bell is a decent play here. This is a tough call, and likely one you will get wrong just because. Good luck
  4. No I think you’ve done the best you can.
  5. I don’t think any Barkley owner left in the playoffs can even start him.... this is the 2nd coming of Trent Richardson...
  6. It’s almost as if Dak doesn’t want Zeke to have receptions and take away his glory or something. Always thought the same about Matt Ryan not throwing to Julio in the red zone.
  7. Always have been... Dak is a fraud. He can’t play against above average ds. He just got Copper killed. Jerry’s glad he didn’t pay that guy right now.
  8. He still gets plenty of carriers. Cooper should help. Guy got paid a couple nose rings and stopped given a crap.
  9. I traded obj for Kupp. Thinking I was upgrading at QB. Gesh
  10. What happened to elite EE? Watching cook play reminds me of when EE was so much better... maybe EE owners should trade him for mark walton.
  11. dudes made mostly of glass, sell high.
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