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  1. Ahhhh that's why he keeps arguing with everyone about rocos two weeks of being average and not a just a pile of poo. He's "not sure" so clearly he can't read, guys. To help you out. Top 70 is top 70. But the guys who are salty about him being top 70 are the guys who drafted him in the top 40 😂 hope you get it now - reasonable for people to "want more from a guy" they drafted 30 spots before the value he's been providing. It's funny because in the mpj thread all people do is complain about the minutes turning a blind eye to his defense and the direct affect it has had on the teams Ws
  2. 🙄 People in here begged for him to start and get more PT and fail to acknowledge the fact its coinciding with the nuggets starting to lose more again, as continually mentioned throughout this thread. This guy's lucky to see over 20 minutes without fixing his defense. Considering how defense is more of a mental barrier to get through it's not boding well for his short term future. If they lose to the point guard less, SGAless okc today it'll be laughable. IDC if jokic can't defend, barton can't defend, Millsap is washed, murray isn't efficient like mpj. If they win more when mpj
  3. If they were to win a championship in the 22-23 season they would be starting about the same time warriors did with the age of their core group. Win now is great but everyone's acting like it's win this year otherwise bust and blow it all up and start again with mpj being the main piece with a coach willing to play him 36mpg. Becoming a championship team and creating a dynasty doesnt happen over night. And if mpj some how got his ish together this year and they win it all this season, it would be an outlier for something like that from someone his age. 2nd year player being held to
  4. As a team though these guys are way better than Portland have ever been and at a way younger age. With the luxury of having an untapped mpj. I see the comparison but their potential seems way better then Portland's ever was/has been. Plus nuggets play a style suited way better to the modern nba than Portland's forever put it in dames hands and get outta the way system. Mpj unlike dame could be a way better defender imo. But if he was to remain the way he is defensively right now and given the kinda usage dame has, he would have a similar career I reckon. Ringless. Given the tough west li
  5. To be fair you can pick the team that won any year and just say, was it a bad thing for ........ To trade .......... Lol Also all those points you made are with the benefit of hindsight. And with the benefit of hindsight on the last 21 nuggets game. Mpj playing more makes the nuggets lose more. I don't think any of the people arguing against mpj think he's gonna be a bad defender forever, or isn't an amazing prospect, they're defending a coach whose getting ripped by fantasy 'experts' while still acknowledging he's definitely not the best or among the best coaches in the league. But
  6. Starting end of last year 3-4 Starting this year 1-3 Not played this year 6-4 Off the bench this year 5-2 Cry me a river, and when I say me, I mean not me, and over here: I think you'll find a nice home here. Introduce yourself. It's easy, "I'm nrobinson, and I'm a whiner".
  7. I've exhausted my mental capacity for caring about this subject so we'll just have to agree to disagree 😂 But I agree with your last paragraph, which was my initial issue with the "whining" In this thread. I respect you've been more insightful, but it's those who have just flown by and said "malone's an idiot, mpj only 19mins?!?!" and the like, that have turned this into a vent/rant thread - and it's a handful of the same people. You can basically time stamp it to halfway through the 1st qtr of every nuggets game lol. And then when people tell them why he's getting low minutes, they repl
  8. Idk why you think I'm trying to be so manly and prove I'm more of a man then you. Just because I said you need to man up for most likely overpaying for him. Also remember reading that post of yours and replied to a similar comment. Saying 28 mpg (at the time) is more than enough time for a 2nd year player to learn and grow. And clearly he's not getting it yet. Everything you post is I believe and I think. And then everyone with similar beliefs blame malone on those same "thoughts and beliefs", and then argue on a theory made on those thoughts and beliefs against post that show with s
  9. Can't reply with facts or even a little bit of substance to prove mpj deserves the minutes, in what I thought was a conversation between two gentleman, so replies like a child 👍🏼 It's ok though nrobinson has your back!
  10. You both keep saying you don't understand why he doesn't get minutes. Along with plenty of other people in here. Then disregard all the replies where people say and provide stats on how bad his defensive issues are as a reason. Then 2 posts later you guys reiterate. I don't understand why he doesn't get minutes 😂 People are more likely to reply/post negatively about why mpj isn't getting mins then reply, using their personal time to argue on def ears. Usually, like most people, I just sweep through threads to stay up to date with things. I just got suckered in with this one. Idk why, but
  11. Yes yes I'm sure all the whiners in here are primarily concerned with jeramis and mpjs future cheques and future ring/performance numbers 🙄 And since you're insinuating you were ahead of the ball and aware that jerami grant was being held back I'm assuming you drafted him accordingly this year and weren't one of the naysayers during his horrendous preseason? Also without doing any research, if you're team is 15th in the weak conference, you won't and definitely shouldn't be an all star.
  12. And now grant gets to be the lead anchor on a team with the worst record in the east for now and the foreseeable future. Nuggets ain't about that. So maybe porter can go to wizards and take over the 15th seed posting good numbers and then we never have to hear all this whining again
  13. I feel like an average of 27-28 mins per game on the season on a team that's already good and has years of chemistry is certainly enough minutes for him to learn and grow - while not ruining that already great chemistry. I said it before people in here acting like he's getting 10 mins a game. It clearly shows that people are worried about their fantasy teams and not actually worried about mpjs future in the league and to the team as a whole. Kobe averaged almost identical minutes his first two season. I know mpj is older but let's not forgot he had a serious back injury for such a
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