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  1. Given everyone Green Bay passed on in this year’s draft at WR, them passing on Fulgham should carry little weight in his analysis IMO.
  2. I’m struggling with this one too. I’ve currently slotted in Hollister, but I also have Lockett sooooo, that may change. Goedert has had a relatively consistent span of games, so I’m more confident in his floor. Going after Hollister’s higher ceiling IMO.
  3. That was my thinking! Hindsight’s always 20/20, but I moved LJax earlier this season straight up for Kamara to replace Monty/Coleman as my other starting RB. Felt some combo of these guys would be enough to carry the loss 🤞🏼
  4. Rolling him out this week. He’s been pretty consistent save the dud against KC (where the emphasis was keep away from mahomes with the run game). With Mack out I think he eats. Paired him with Foles for ROS. Hilton back would be gravy
  5. Down 23, .5ppr. Have to start either Coleman or Lockett.... Shouldn’t have sat Pitt’s defense 😭
  6. Well, because I decided to sit Pit’s dst and roll with KC I’m down 23. Coleman or Lockett give me the better shot to do it?
  7. It is Jaylen. He helped me out last week but I was underwhelmed. I haven’t been impressed with Adams when he’s played this year really outside the Eagles game. Obviously he’s extremely talented but just hasn’t looked complete. I can’t see your team ATM, but I’d rather have Chubb ROS provided your other WR options are somewhat legit.
  8. Need help with RB/Flex this week. Have plenty of options and the Bell drama (general Gase/OL ineptitude), end of week injury reports on Lockett + matchup have me wondering what the best course of action is. As of right now I’m going chalk, not wanting to overthink it. 5-4, 4th place, top five + remaining team with highest points make playoffs. RBs - Kamara, Bell Flex - Monty, Lockett Bench - Samuels, J. Williams, Coleman, Mattison, Everett Thanks in advance for the advice!
  9. Guice for Golden. Feel like he’s got quality flex potential down the stretch. No expecting much from guice down the stretch.
  10. I’m in a similar situation. I’ve got Samuels, Coleman, and J Williams on the bench... currently rolling with Bell. If he plays he should put up enough to justify the start.. at some point Gase has to be coaching for his job and will need to rely on his best players. This week?
  11. Juju and murray. KCs secondary has played remarkably well of late.
  12. I’d go with Monty. Many had speculated they wanted to get Gordon going weeks ago, and we are seeing that now. Feels like a Gordon game. Other flex options?
  13. Plus... Stafford gets TB at home week 15... you can roll Ryan out there ROS and slot Stafford in that week.
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