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  1. Stafford is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league, he just can’t seem to put it all together whether that’s on the lions, coaching, supporting cast him or a combination of all of the above a change of scenery would do him well. Rodgers sings his praises constantly as being one of the most talented throwers of the football in the league has that translated into success? No, but yes he’s super talented..
  2. I would be absolutely shocked if Jimmy G could fetch a first, no shot IMO.
  3. Naw, 9 seems fair unless you’re putting guys like Derek Carr, mayfield , Lamar, Tannehill in front of him then to me you’re out of your mind... I’m sure if you polled actual NFL gms they’d agree with me but you’re entitled to your opinion 👍
  4. Disagree more, there are no guarantees in the playoffs but it’s easily an upgrade. Probably in the 7-9 range as far as QB’s in the league right now, how that is not an upgrade is beyond me. Stafford > Tannehill, Lamar etc
  5. You’re all but guaranteeing in the MT thread that he wont skip a beat with Taysom Hill at QB possibly, meanwhile in here you put Browns ceiling meant for a hobbit the only possible improvement is minimal for him according to you he’s going to have a 4 target increase next year? Michael Thomas 4 game sample size with Taysom Hill high end WR 1 easily book it... AJ Brown two consecutive seasons of 10+ tds naw hell regress to 6 touchdowns more likely than get 10+ again. Respectfully you seem swell but some of your takes in this thread are baffling. I’m sure the fellas who quote stuff from six mo
  6. Agreed...Big Ben multiple legal accusations , AB legal accusations ....to a much lesser extent Bell, JuJu, Claypool me me me me me guys, yeah these doofuses are the epitome of class
  7. Does every Steelers WR act like an edgy 13 year old? Not to mention having Biff from back to the future throwing them the ball, as about an obnoxious group on offense you can probably find, should pipe down.
  8. Yeah basically said as much if it’s going to cost Tua and both of their first rounders or more this year which are 3 and 17 that’s pretty steep. Tua plus just the third overall and say a second( believe they have multiple seconds) or third yes probably I’d do that. You don’t want to mortgage too much when you never even had the opportunity to evaluate Tua across a whole season with better weapons. If I was a Fins fan I’d want to keep building organically and from within that’s just me though.
  9. Most dolphins fans I know are opposed to it... they’d rather draft Sewell and Waddle or Smith and someone and keep building a stout team top to bottom. You have a top coach, a big draft class coming in give Tua a chance with some weapons and then reassess. What would it cost ? Tua and both of their first founders or more? That’s a steep price regardless of the talent you’re receiving in return. We’re more or less agreeing if I was a Fins fan I’d be vehemently against it if that’s the cost.
  10. All the momentum and you don’t go for it there... convert that and score and Browns are definitely choking, nice one Tomlin
  11. Best show lol when those mummies or whatever would pop out
  12. Yes lol I called him an elite game manager a few times, and was told he is a top 5 QB that I’m clueless 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. I thought Watson was trash, Tannehill > Watson. Thanks !
  14. Ya I would put him there.. I was just replying to that dude who called me an idiot in another thread for saying I’d rather have Allen herbert Watson over Tannehill easily..and that I consider Tannehill more in that kirk cousins range.. too lazy to quote right now back to the game
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