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  1. Kendricks officially ruled out. Giddyup
  2. Ruled OUT. Ouch Headed to the Rishard Higgins thread now...
  3. 12 catches, 140 yards, 2 Tugs with Brees. The O/U in this game is 52 pts
  4. No guts no glory right? Tough decision.
  5. if you look at the games that Julio has missed. Those are Hurst's worst production games. Julio demands defensive attention. When Julio is out. Hurst usually stays in to block Weeks 3 (1 for 1 yard), 5 (2 for 8 yards), 12(4 for 48), 14 (1 for 7). I'm not looking at TDs cause those are generally unpredictable, and Hurst only has 3 on the season, so I think it's safe to say the don't look at him close to the goal line
  6. This is good to know. I am thinking of starting him over Hurst this week. Especially if Julio is out.
  7. I dont think i said anything contentious. Lamar is an amazing runner. he is a terribly inaccurate thrower. Its not regurgitated jargon, it is the story that he has shown so far in his young career. lol, lol, lol, wait one more should do it. LOL Anyway. This is a JK thread. I am starting him here on out.
  8. Best way to beat KC is to keep the ball away from Mahomes. Long slow sustained drives, run the ball. Hill can do that.
  9. I mean, I dont know, can he? he sucks as a thrower. his mechanics are wack man. It will be interesting to see what happens when he actually takes a brutal shot that will make him second guess running.
  10. because Lamar cant throw. its more effective for him to run himself than throw a screen pass.
  11. not crazy to think that he may have a roll, and even succeed in that roll. but starting him in your championship game?? or semis? not gonna happen.
  12. https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/keshawn-vaughn/ Comp is Dalvin Cook, lol. this should get people going.
  13. Starting him this week barring some announcement that he is getting benched or injury/COVID news. PIT can't run. Big Ben is throwing 40 times a game. His last 2 games have been bad, and PIT lost those games. If anything he is a red zone weapon. Hard to guard 6'3 or whatever
  14. 2 of his 6 targets tonight were pretty much uncatchable, and 1 was very well defended and knocked away. Ben looks worse every week. They can't run the ball. Worst timing for him to fold into oblivion. He looks like he's just not being game planned anymore. But he continues to draw PI calls.
  15. Is there a QB/WR with better trust/chemistry in the league? It's crazy, nearly unguardable
  16. Ouch. At least we can say no one is stealing this job from him
  17. Would it kill them to give this kid some pay dirt?
  18. 50 yards and a TD, maybe 2 catches for 15 yards is all I'm asking for, and all I'm expecting. Ben will prob throw the ball 40+ times
  19. 0 confidence in this guy. Let someone else pick him up and think they are smart
  20. he made some pretty good moves, there was not alot of room to run, BAL D came to play. He is slow as hell tho lol. I dont think PIT cares about running the ball that much. 51 pass attempts for Big Ben today, Crazy.
  21. Jimmy smith and Peters injured. Big Ben is going to slice them up now
  22. Yep. I am at the point where I'm not wasting high picks on RBs anymore (besides maybe 3 guys). NFL has changed in ways that only encourage passing, and teams are moving away from a lone RB in the backfield, you cant touch the QB anymore, no defenseless WRs, breath on a WR and get a PI call. RB take all the punishment and their time in the spot light is brief. Add the fact that (at least I think) we have more "mobile/running" QBs than ever before. they are getting goal line TDs. Why draft Saquon when you can get Kyler Murray and JD McKissic.
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