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  1. I like your strategy, even though maybe you would depend much on the return of JJJ to have even more stocks because I’m not much sold on Doncic’s defensive stats this year. Simmons is going to be a fun player own and I think that the other draftees will cover his low 3s (especially Bertans), love the high upside picks like OG, Markelle and Washington. I’m not high on Rozier to be honest, I think that he might be the least talented player in that backcourt and his usage will decrease significantly, are there some sleepers left in the WW? By the way, nice team!
  2. Rozier is not going to be great this season in my opinion, but your guards look fine to me. I’d keep Oubre, a lot of upside !
  3. Hello guys, last night I had my usual fantasy basketball auction with some friends. We are from Italy and no one is really very much prepared for the auction, but this year I made some research and I managed to make a decent team IMHO. Starting from the most to the least expensive, my team is this: KAT Devin Booker Jimmy Butler Rudy Gobert RoCo DeMar DeRozan Dejounte Murray Michael Porter Jr Kelly Oubre Jr Kyle Lowry Myles Turner Kristaps Porzingis Duncan Robinson Markelle Fultz (from WW while P
  4. I got CMC as my main guy in one auction league. In the other one, I have Saquon. Period.
  5. On RedZone they are saying that they might suspect a torn ACL. Being a big fan of him and NYG I am very sad, it's easy to talk right now but of course people who drafted him might be in an ugly mess now and I am one of them
  6. This was a disastrous output but he still managed to be decent in PPR even though he didn't score any touchdown (the two receptions he had in the first half showed that he still can avoid tackles like basically nobody in the NFL). New York's O-Line is pretty new and they will need some time to adjust, the same can be said to Jason Garrett calling plays. Saquon is a great pass catcher in the backfield and clearly the best Giants' player, he has one of the finest skillset in the league, his phisical and athletic tools are something else and this line could not be worse than tonight, I
  7. My guy looks like a potential MVP candidate even this year
  8. In my opinion: 1-Brown: it's true that he still is on a run first team, but he finished as the WR10 last year in standard because he simply was too good even with fewer catches than other WRs. I like the fact that he gets open easily, that he's great in breaking tackles and that he's basically the lone WR option in one of the best teams in the league 2/3-McLaurin/Chark: same as Brown, they are the first (and maybe lone) options in Washington and Jacksonville but I'd rather have a receiver in a stable offense with a decent QB (even though they tend to run more) than a receiver in a m
  9. I don't think that having Trubiski as the starting QB would have a negative impact on Robinson. I had him on my team last year and I thought he was pretty much consistent (except from that Philly game) even with one of the worst QB in league throwing balls to him. A-Rob is a talented receiver, he finished 8th in PPR and I still think that at his average ADP and auction price might be a great value pick.
  10. They will talk about Hegel and Schopenhauer
  11. Longtime Giants fan and Saquon fan since his days at Pitt, so happy to have drafted him #2 overall this year after having taken him since his rookie season. Hope he shows everyone what he is capable of!
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