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  1. You are no different from MANNY on the Paul George comments by just posting speculative **** and getting defensive when called out.
  2. Considering the all-star break is coming and all the rest that he's getting, this guy must be a hold, correct? I'm currently without an IL spot on my roster (Smart, Lauri, DLo), so I'm playing down a player, but I'm 1st on my league so I can afford it. I believe Lauri and Smart should be back after the ASB so that should allow me to put White in my IL at worst. I don't know about you guys but I'm holding. This guy has top 60 upside to finish the season and I could use that in my playoffs.
  3. Thank god. This man is my everything ❤️.
  4. My league usually has 2 IL spots but this year we used 3 IL. I've always heard and even said myself that O players or Covid players in the case of this year should be IL eligible. I don't think I will change the format of my league this year but next season I might try to experiment with 2 IL and 1 IL+ spots to see how it goes with players that are O. I don't want to do all 3 spots IL+ because I feel that's a bit too unbalanced.
  5. I currently have PG13, Markkanen and Smart in my IL on my 12-teamer. I can hold on for a couple weeks down a player while either Pandemic or Smart returns but is it wise for me to hold onto DLo? Do we truly believe that he will be back by late March, early April? My playoffs start on Mid April. Should probably add that I'm currently ranked 1st in my league and I'm 5 games ahead from 2nd, so it's not the end of the world for me to lose half of the next 6 weeks or so. I'll most likely continue outGM'ing the rest of my league anyway, but I don't want to be held down for nothing if DLo is nev
  6. Hey, has anyone discussed this? Was it just recently implemented? If anyone could explain what this means that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Should've shipped him when I had the chance. Never drafting this cloud ever again.
  8. I'm expecting him to be without restrictions on the 2nd half (3 weeks left for the first half to end)
  9. Slow round of applause to those who dropped last week 👏👏
  10. What's the best player you guys think I could trade this flower for? I'm thinking Devonte Graham...? Maybe Hield? Harrison Barnes? I'm completely sick of him. Maybe I put him together in a dogshit package along with Markkanen and try to get a top 50 for both.
  11. On the contrary, you WANT to play in this league.
  12. The people that dropped after his first game of the season 🤣
  13. I don't care about his bad game last night, but the lack of B2Bs is worrisome. Do you guys expect this to last more than a month? The Spurs have 2 more B2Bs in the next 3 weeks before the break. I don't think 2 more missed games should break anyone's team but it may also be hard to justify not grabbing a hot wire pickup or streaming his spot if his stats don't begin to trend up. I currently have Lauri and Smart sitting on my IL and I'm pretty sure PG13 is joining them soon (We have 3 IL spots in my league). I also own DLo who is being a massive headache right now and will likely miss game
  14. If you can get a perennial top 5 player plus Jrue for just Ingram + Lonzo, I'd run and do it. Lonzo is being inconsistent and Ingram is somehow trending down on his assists (He's still quite good though). KAT just had covid, it wasn't an injury. Do you believe that he will play 90% of games ROS? If the answer is yes, then run and do the trade.
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