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  1. 11 team, roto, 9-cat, 4-player 3-year keeper, yahoo - no punt (I traded expiring keepers for picks around Dec last year, and got and extra 3rd round pick, and 2 4th rounders) Conley/Bledsoe/Dejounte/(also got Wall for next year) CJMcC/Shai/Herro Luca/Otto/JRich Lauri/Bam KAT/Ayton/Zach any advice on what stats I’ll need to pick up? guys to trade away, or trade for? cheers!
  2. Man I wish punting was a better option in roto, makes things a lot more interesting, and strategic in putting together your draft targets You've got great scoring, 3,s AST, REB, and FT%, as well as strong defense coming from your wings. You could stand to get more scoring from your wings I don't really see how Lonzo fits into your build, so you could package him in a 2 for 1 to get stronger, maybe wait until December, and hope he gets a strong start to the year, which I think he will with Jrue handling the ball most of the time, and him playing lead against opposing ben
  3. Qtip, nice team. I'm a roto guy, and actually don't know what DDs are, for shame... You have some great pieces, but I'm not a fan of Wbrook, and Lowry has consistently had low FG%, so I might look to combine one of them in a package to get a stronger PG with solid %s, 3Ps and AST Best of luck!
  4. Post your team or draft here, and let others comment on it, give advice, or just get your dreams pooped on. Either way, you should get some honest advice, and we can all help each other! Include ALL relevant details about your league, each situation is different Yahoo, ESPN, etc roto, h2h points, 8-cat, 9-cat # teams auction, snaking if keeper/dynasty, #players, #years, cost to keep
  5. The traded picks weren't registered, so I just got whoever they picked in trade afterwards. Ended up with CJMc, Otto and Bledsoe, not too shabby. (11 team, roto, 9-cat, keeper, yahoo) 1. (3) Karl-Anthony Towns (Min - C) 2.K (20) Deandre Ayton  (Pho - C) 3. (25) Mike Conley (Uta - PG) 3* (32) CJ McCollum (Por - PG,SG) 4* (38) Otto Porter (Chi - SF) 4* (39) Eric Bledsoe (Mil - PG) 4. (42) Bam Adebayo (Mia - PF,C) 5. (47) Josh Richardson (Phi - SG,SF) 6.K (64) Luka Doncic  (Dal - PG) 7. (69) Dejounte Mur
  6. - I have no problem going big heavy early in the draft, easiest players to trade as the season goes on - your pgs Morant and Ball are drag your % way down, I had Dunn for 2 years at the end of my bench, waiting for him to turn it on, too frustrating - out of the last 4 picks you made, only Prince is worth keeping IMHO - maybe see who's on the wire, take a flyer on an injured player, KD, Klay, Dipo .... or a Troy Brown, Porter Jr, Shamet Good luck brother!
  7. That is a beautiful draft for you, Leonard and Collins each could have gone 10 spots earlier, great pick ups for you I'd try to pick up some AST and 3P You've got 3 good bigs, and 2 more decent ones to trade with
  8. I'm afraid I don't know much about H2H and punting, but I'm envious of your REB and AST, very nice drafting I'd try to get more in 3P with some combination of Murray, Isaac or Bryant
  9. Man, I'm in a similar boat, I'm hoping KAT falls to me at 3rd, even though it means pairing him up with Ayton as my keeper 2nd pick, KAT is just too solid all around, plus I'm in Roto, and already have Luka and Lauri, so Harden means a lot of catching up in FG% for Roto I'd go KAT, Harden, Curry, Giannis, Davis My 3rd pick team
  10. great late pick up of Clarke is Zion at 25 a stretch? his adp is rising like crazy
  11. I don't like it, Morant is good for a keeper league, but he'll likely kill you in % and TO for this year, meanwhile Collins is gonna be huge right out the gates the crazy thing is that you don't actually need Collins that bad, since you have Embiid and Whiteside, interesting predicament
  12. I like the trade, Mitchell could be as valuable as Ayton, and Lauri+Jamal is worth more than CJMc from the other side, you'd be getting the less talented players in a 3 for 2, but not by much it's not a bad trade at all, but you're diluting your top talent
  13. 9-cat Roto on Yahoo, 11 teams, snaking, picking 3rd, this Sunday (Keeper league, 4 players kept per season, 3 seasons played max per player) Who to choose 3rd overall, and how to build around my 4 keepers? Any shared wisdom is much appreciated! Cheers, I owe you a beer!!! WHIR, just post yours in the comments below Option A - KAT, Ayton, Luka, Lauri, Shai Option B - Harden, Ayton, Luka, Lauri, Shai Option C - Curry, Ayton, Luka, Lauri, Shai Option D - Davis, Ayton, Luka, Lauri, Shai Which option? What players/stats to target to fi
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