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  1. I'm in a tight race for a playoff spot in my league with me being in a three way tie for the last spot and being one game behind two people ahead of us. I ended up having to drop Bagley and Holmes for streamers.
  2. Yeah I had dropped Napier for Beasley yesterday and dropped Burks for Lee today but still have Glen Robinson on my team and don't see anyone to grab... Was going to get PJ Tucker but he was already taken by the time I tried to.
  3. So much going on and I don't see any clear winners that would still be available on the WW...
  4. Has to be either james or dion in a trade, only way to make the money work, maybe KO or Meyers. I assume it's one or two of those 4 plus maybe Nunn? I can't see them giving up Herro or Robinson, at least I hope they don't!
  5. Dropped napier for malik. I also have house which I assumed loses a ton of value with roco now in town. Thinking of dropping him for juancho, but that would be my last add for the week. I think I may hold off for the deadline.
  6. That's what I'm thinking, now I just need to decide who to drop between the two. I'm leaning towards dropping Burks, even though he has performed better all season. Glen has less trade risk, is starting and getting more minutes. Even if his current shooting % is unsustainable.
  7. Who do you guys like the least for ROS value? Fultz Glen Robinson Alec Burks Napier I need to drop one to open up a streaming spot. Who would you drop?
  8. It was only for a few minutes in the 3rd quarter, probably under 5
  9. I just hopped on the SGA train, trading my Fultz and CJ McCollum for SGA and Barton. Let's go!
  10. Has anyone been able to successfully move him? And, if so, what did you get in return?
  11. I was super high on him coming into the season, hence why I grabbed him in both leagues. But, I'm not confident that he'll do much better than what he has been doing for ROS. Ingram is balling out and Zion is going to get his when he gets back. I think the situation can only really worsen for Jrue on the Pels. I don't think they trade him this year either.
  12. Well I had Jrue in both of my leagues at the beginning of the season but I just completed the 2nd trade for him where I traded Jrue and Holmes for Jokic. I sold my shares of Jrue but I hope he pans out for everyone else!
  13. Well Bagley has played 100% of his minutes at C since coming back. Bagley may not play any PF or take minutes away from him.
  14. Well I atleast was able to diversify my risk. I had both Bagley and Holmes in both of my leagues but I was able to trade Holmes and Jrue for Jokic in one of them last week.
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