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  1. Sent you a message with my interest OP. Feel free to email me at jmongillo1@gmail.com as well
  2. Cool. That's your opinion. Most people don't share it so quit acting like it's "fact." Playoffs are part of every American sport. Do a poll, I think maybe 2% of people would want to eliminate playoffs
  3. Interested. Team preference is White Sox or Cubs. jmongillo1@gmail.com
  4. As a Sox fan, lol. Cease is going to have every chance to stay as a starter. And he's pitched very well this year outside of 1 horrible start. His stuff is close to elite and even though he doesn't have #1 or #2 command, he should settle in to a mid-rotation role. The 2021-2023 Sox rotation is likely Giolito, Keuchel, Cease, Kopech, Dunning/Rodon/Lopez/Crochet. And no way Reinsdorf opens up the checkbook for a FA. He's already crying poor and the Sox probably will end up slashing payroll
  5. Interested in learning more. jmongillo1@gmail.com
  6. I don't think people fully appreciate how disastrous the coronavirus situation is for baseball, just like it is for the rest of the economy. If the season is cancelled, MLB owners take a $10 billion hit. Further, future revenues will be significantly reduced given the global recession, as will team values, and ability of owners to shake off those losses through their non-baseball businesses. MLB teams are already acknowledging deep cuts will be made to front office operations. Further, up to half of MiLB are in precarious financial situations and could shut down, and even MLB teams could
  7. Read the rules and this looks like a great setup. I'd like to join and would like the Dodgers if still available. Marlins then Cardinals would be my next choices. jmongillo1@gmail.com
  8. Sent you a message, I'm having an issue with the email invite
  9. I agree they'll definitely be improved, but unless Pearson comes up early and is great right away I don't see how they even win 80 games. That's still a really bad rotation and the 4th best roster in the AL East.
  10. Also interested in joining. jmongillo1@gmail.com
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