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  1. Where do we take this gem next season.. look what happened to mitchel robertson dude helped me win his rook year.. next someone in my league drafted him in the 3rd round ☠
  2. 😂 first i had to endure bazley now this dude..
  3. Didn't draft him, but where do you see his ADP for next season?
  4. Damn .. hopefully they're showcasing these guys for the few games before the deadline. I'll keep him.
  5. I never felt so good dropping BAZLEY for this dude.
  6. Legit i feel like i'm going to win my league... kevin porter, williams and poetl have legit been destroying opponents for me.
  7. Man this dude was suppose to be a streamer... f---
  8. eh he was the odd man out dropped him for Robert williams after hearing the Thompson trade rumors.
  9. Yeah its over.. lol he's a hustler in real life, so i don't know LOl i don't think you watch the games bro.. dude is a pass first point guard. He hustles on plays hence his Triple Double with steals .. I think we can all be blessed that we were able to stream for the month that he was popping off.. RIP
  10. Glad he's doing well.. streamed him recently and the thought of someone scooping up Hunter after I thought he wasn't planning to come back...
  11. Levert back... damn tj we had a good run homie
  12. ugh.. i picked up thinking i was gonna drop after a few days
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