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  1. IR is completely full with nurk and JJJ, however i've been keeping and eye on Mrob, lance and kevin porter post AB
  2. dropped danuel house for the pick up.. lets see how he does
  3. **** that they lost like that, but I hope they can reward him by making the damn playoff
  4. I hate this dude.. this is why i didn't drop,,, he definitely falls into that category if you drop he pops off, but if you hold on too long he'll f***s up your team fg
  5. lol dude helped me win 3 years ago along with mitch robinson he had that hot streak during fantasy playoff week for denver.. dude is a consistent shooter. Him and monte played lights out together, so I'm not surprised he's doing this good with wolves. I wish i took a gamble during draft night.. but this dude easily beat his adp... yall delusional if you think he's a drop candidate
  6. 😂 drafted 11th round this season.. buddies were roasting me too for scooping.. luckily i got beal as my 2nd round.. just pretend he was my first to make up for tatum poor as fg
  7. this dude is going to probably have an efficient game after many decided to drop...
  8. he's pretty passive ... and forces shorts... i thought i was watching bazley ..
  9. 🤣 straight did the same thing... still hating my life with this bazley dude
  10. I have to slots currently filled by JJJ and nurkic .. would stash if anyone had available spots. I wouldn't hold if you don't have any IR
  11. Isnt this silas who had stated he was going to play wood and cousins together? nah i ain't buying this coach.. unless those pieces in the rotation are moved he will have minimum value for fantasy holders.
  12. lol dude is a broken glass ... stupid excuse to keep him out because of bruisers.. he'll be wrecked during playoffs then.. wouldn't shock me to see an imminent trade.
  13. Scooped.. dude has a decent efficiency rate for someone chucking 3s and has always been good on steals .. once tucker is traded we should see him trend only upwards like gamestop 🚀
  14. Dude is complete a** for my team... aggravating having this dude.. lol i don't know why I continue to hold
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