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  1. Just now, 99-percent-sure said:

    Mostert is killing me, and I found out this week about Mixon's college incident and saw the video, so I can't bring myself to use him anymore. Crap season all around.


    If you can’t bear to play a player on your team due to personal reasons, this probably isn’t the game for you. You have no idea what skeletons are in people’s closet. 

    Its called fantasy football for a reason

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  2. 1 hour ago, williebeamen said:

    Thought of this a couple of weeks ago. Say you're the Godwin owner playing the Evans owner and you have a decent WR with a plus match-up on your bench (a guy like Ridley playing the Bucs for instance). I would say benching Godwin in that situation is close to a win-win situation. If Godwin blows up, fine, that would probably mean that Evans has a dud game. If Evans blows up that would probably mean that Godwin has a disappointing game, but that's fine too since he's on your bench (and your replacement WR is scoring a decent amount of points). The only scenario that this strategy would bite you in the a** is if both Evans and Godwin blow up ánd your replacement WR sucks, but this would be way more unlikely than the previous two scenario's.

    My point is, it would take nards to bench Godwin for sure, but a move like that would problably pay off. 


    This is the epitome of overanalyzing things. 😞

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  3. 4 hours ago, SuperJoint said:

    Indoors and artificial turf too. Don't forget them.


    And a head coach calling the play in the headset while he is standing behind center before communication goes silent when the play clock hits 15 seconds, in absence of the pre-snap defensive adjustments made by teams towards the end of last year and all this year.

    If he has all of this, he’s an NFL QB for sure 😂😂😂

  4. 1 hour ago, afl5013 said:

    Always hilarious when someone brings up something from months ago like they deserve some sort of award. Things change over the course of the season. 

    That being said, talent wise, he's still top 15 to me. If you protect him (like most 24 year old pocket passers require), he can pick you apart. People act like Goff is the only one that needs help from the rest of his team to succeed. If people can watch the games without their fantasy goggles on, they could see the protection and playcalling are the main issues, and have been all season. Goff wasn't horrible last night (missed a couple of big throws, so he definitely wasn't good either), but the playcalling has become so predictable that teams know exactly when to blitz him. All of this massive overreaction (analysts included) will look pretty stupid this time next year, assuming the Rams actually go after some lineman in the offseason. 

    I wouldn't trust Goff in fantasy the rest of this year, but it has nothing to do with him. 


    Goff still Top 15 talent-wise?😯



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  5. Ehhh, I'm on the fence with this one.  The WSH and DAL matchups aren't that great for WRs.  Game vs NYG is great.  The receivers you have on the bench already can probably give you what you can get from Alshon considering his recent performances. If you arent playing keep away from your league and you're not hoarding WRs, I'd probably stand pat

  6. 23 minutes ago, potatoetree said:

    I'm wondering if he's even worth holding as a handcuff? With Conner in he might have even more standalone value as a passcatching RB. Because when Conner is out he isn't strong enough to be a bell cow and gets into an ugly committee. 

    And having Mason Rudolph as the qb doesn't necessarily help his cause. 





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