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  1. Agreed. Goff is no comparison to Cousins
  2. Yep, the league has definitely caught up with the Rams. Unfortunately for them, Goff doesn't have the skills, smarts, and intangibles to adjust on the fly, so they are stuck
  3. Kapernick wasn't passing the rock as well as Lamar does. Lamar is in a different class
  4. Dumbest starting QB in the league. The league isn't gonna let McVay QB the team anymore.
  5. Keenan Allen continues to look like a solid gold bum 😡
  6. He might vibe with Erickson more, but who knows. I think Erickson and Tate should have good familiarity with him though
  7. He’s not gonna come back and risk his health for a garbage team going nowhere. Also, I can’t see him wanting to go out and look terrible with a sorry rookie QB tossing the rock. No win situation here. I would cut him. The Bungles don’t care and would prefer to keep losing anyway, which is the real reason for switching from Dalton. They need that Tua or Burrow pick in the worst way
  8. Yep. DJ was Cam’s number one man pause. I think DJ has a much better year if Cam was still at the helm. He’s pretty consistent though, so if he’s your WR3 you can ask for much more
  9. Time to drop this joker. Taking up valuable bench space
  10. You know you done f’d up, right?
  11. Kamara is done? What an overreaction. 😂 Both of them will eat with Kamara eating a little more. I own Murray, but not Kamara. Satisfied with what I can get out of the situation bc the Ingram role provides nice value
  12. If he wasn’t such a mobile QB, I’d definitely switch him out. I still think he has upside here.
  13. Rolling with Allen. If he doesn’t get it done in the air, he’ll do it with his feet
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