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  1. Hes sucked all year what u talking about....outside of his first two weeks...hes been a bust as a 2nd round player
  2. This fuking kid sucks dick! NEVER DRAFTING THIS SCRUB AGAIN!
  3. Fuking biggest bust! Fuk this guy sucks!!
  4. Guy cant even perform against Knicks...how fuking bad do u have to be....how do you fall off a cliff this bad in one off season
  5. Yall werent complaining about his lines when he was putting up numbers that even MJ wasn't doing. U guys dont deserve harden
  6. If you're banking on gasol to have a ceiling of 2nd/3rd round....sorry but ure not gonna do well in ur league lol
  7. This guy is straight garbage lol ... dont know why he was so hyped. No stocks high to low fg....
  8. So j Yea looks like boylan a fool for starting gafford
  9. Lol ...hes gonna get 2 quick fouls within 4 mins dont worry
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