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  1. You guys need to calm down. Sam Darnold lost two fumbles against the raiders and still managed to get 19 fantasy points lol. The Jets (!!) scored 28 Points against them. THE JETS!!!! Start this kid with confidence.
  2. I will start worrying when he is seen "dancing on the sideline" like Joe Mixon a few weeks ago... 🀣🀣
  3. I remember why. But we do not speak of it in this thread. Just kidding. It was the game with the HORRIBLE wildcat trick play call (4th and goal) that led to a james robinson fumble. If I remember correctly he did not see that many touches after the fumble because the coach is not smart.
  4. Yeah I am pretty concerned too. Herbert has only faced 1 tough defense so far and that was Tampa's. Kid was totally destroyed by them... 190 passing yards, 0 td 2 int... Wait. What's that? That was Aaron Rodgers? Oh, my bad... How did Herbert do against this Bucs D? 290 passing yards / 3 td / 1 int Denver is not that scary btw. 20.8 pts allowed to QB per game this season (12th most in the league) START THE KID WITH CONFIDENCE!!!
  5. 12-16 Touches??? He had a MINIMUM of 16 touches EVERY single week so far (Average for him is exactly 18) How dare you doubting the mighty Flames RB1son... Starting with confidence (And also still waiting for CMC so kinda need him lol)
  6. Guys! I thought it was time to dig a little bit deeper into our beloved RB1nson. I compared him to Alvin Kamara and could not believe my eyes. 1. Alvin and James. Both names got exactly 5 letters. 2. Kamara and Robinson. Both names got exactly 3 syllables. And it does not stop there. 3. Kamara and Robinson are both zodiac sign leo. Every fact just keeps pointing in the same direction. I can only come to the conclusion that we have a legit RB1 and league winner in our hands. Thank you for your attention. 😎😎
  7. β€œThe more we give him, the more he seems to perform. We have to keep the game where we can use him for 60 minutes. I'd love to get him more touches and those will come in the third and fourth quarter.” Jaguar's OC Jay Gruden 🀀
  8. I am starting him with confidence. Saints Defense does not look that scary without Lattimore and Jenkins. If he does not deliver today I might drop him tbh...
  9. Im in this position as well. Started off 2-0 I've got Zeke and Alvin Kamara as my RB1 & 2 right now, so I should be in a healthy position to compete the next 4 weeks. Regardless, I cant wait for CMC to get healthy and come back. If he needs 6 weeks im prepared. Even if he is out for the season, I will most likely win the Championship, because there is only me in this league.
  10. Don't you feel bad ripping off your 9 year old brother in a trade like this? 🀐
  11. I would not even give you Golladay for these 2 players. Let alone CMC...
  12. I would not trade away ekeler! Look at your team, your RB2 would be Hines, Dobbins, White or Henderson. I like Dobbins long term but i do not trust any of those guys to be a reliable RB2 ROS.
  13. I thought this offer was fair. I bet he regrets the reject now...
  14. He plays Thursday so put him in your RB1/2 spot. Totally agree with the rest though!!
  15. I lost CMC, starting Kelley and Robinson with confidence! Week 3 win would be crucial, I really want to avoid trading CMC.
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