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  1. Truby is playing for his career right now...whether he deserves it or not, this game alone is going to give him at least one more season.
  2. Anyone who’s ever injured anything knows what I put in bold above makes no sense. It’s utter nonsense to say no further injury is possible. This all stinks of gamesmanship, and they already know he’s out, but don’t want to tip their hand.
  3. Mark my words...absolute bust going forward. I don’t own any piece of this backfield, but it’s looking more and more like the KC clusterfu€k.
  4. There’s something to this...what are the chances the coaching staff figured out they can switch his role to game manager going forward? Dude turns the ball over so much that his offensive output is negated...today we saw a reserved Winston and they get an easy win. My guess is someone finally pulled in the reigns.
  5. Did you watch the game? Weather was terrible for the passing game. Both teams were run, run, run... He made a big impact blocking, which at least tells us his injury concerns are moot. I am confident he will be a top 3 TE ROS.
  6. If you weathered the storm thus far, DA (and Rodgers to a lesser extent)...will be fantasy champ makers!
  7. Surely the good Dr. Shirley must have either sold him low or is up against him this week...because surely nothing else would explain the irrational feminine shade Dr. Shirley has been throwing Kittle's way. Surely you must agree Dr. Shirley?
  8. Hahaha...this is the story of the KC backfield...we’ve been just “about to have an answer” every week of the season. It’s time to own up to the $hit show that is the KC RB situation and just cut all ties. You’re better off letting your opponents play the guessing game to their own detriment, than try to figure out this football bat of a backfield.
  9. TY pissed that he wasn’t in on the 3rd and long. Tells me he’s good to go but on a coaches snap count. Let the man play!!!!
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