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  1. I'm in the same boat with Kamara, Jacobs and MG3. No flex, 2 rb. Tampa is actually top 5 vs the run, so was considering sitting Alvin. Will start him, as should you. Hoping for a couple of tds in a high scoring gaming. Good luck!
  2. Tyreek and Patty on bye week 12. Be prepared. ๐Ÿ‘
  3. Depends on your record/playoff chances. Hilton may be out 2 more weeks. If you're sitting pretty, I'd say yes for Hilton.
  4. Raiders pass D is atrocious. However, Waller has been Carr's security blanket all season (except last week) If Raiders fall behind, they'll get pass happy, meaning lots of targets for Waller. But if they get ahead, a heavy dose of Jacobs awaits. I think you're in good shape, regardless of which one you start. Good luck!
  5. Huge Eagles fan here, but I would go Winston. Lions and Texans have issues vs the pass this year. Eagles, with DJax out for the year, have limited wr play, and have been leaning towards the running game lately with J Howard and Sanders. Evans & Godwin are beasts for TB. Winston might throw 5 picks in a game, or he might throw 5 TD's. Good luck!
  6. 10 team full ppr, 1 qb, 3 wr, 2 rb. My wife is 8-1 in 1st place (I'm 6-3๐Ÿ™ƒ) QB - Lamar & Brees & J Allen WR - Evans, Godwin, A Robinson, Gallup, Samuel RB - McCaffrey, Carson, D Henry, Singletary TE - Kittle She's playing a 3-6 team, decimated with byes - His team: QB - Brady & Ryan WR - D Hopkins, OBJ, Fitzgerald, Boyd, Jeffrey RB - Freeman, Drake, Breida TE - H Henry Was thinking of a few trade combos to try to pry D Hopkins from the other team, for a big playoff push. Hopkins on a bye this week, so he might bite. Thinking...
  7. 10 team full ppr no flex. I have Hooper and Waller. Wr- Cupp, Edelman, Tyreke, Sutton, DJax RB- Kamara, Jacobs, Hyde QB- Wentz and Allen Would like to get better at rb position. Kelce would probably bring me back better trade value than Hooper just on name brand, even though Hooper has outperformed Kelce so far. Would Kelce for Fournette or Bell be worthwhile/possible?
  8. Definitely Lamar. Allen will put up nice numbers vs Mia but Lamar is the safer choice of the 2, imo
  9. I would. You already have TE depth, so you are basically getting Bell for Ingram๐Ÿ‘
  10. Zeke for sure against my Iggles. Their run D has been stout, but he will break off a big run or screen against a hurting secondary
  11. Gordon will continue to be rrbc with Ekeler having a nice season. I say no.
  12. I'd feel good about that trade. Mack is behind a great O line and Lockett is money with Russ playing at an MVP level
  13. Sanu for me, as Ramsey wil be covering Julio. Lots of targets his way...
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