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  1. Noted ! Yeah it must be hard to hear - especially if you dropped him on January 4th .. My bad guys
  2. Yup got vetoed. New trade up. Nunn/PJ Washington for Turner/Redick Sad to see my rookies go. Nunn has 20 tonight. This ain't getting vetoed lol
  3. Lol I've really been trying to convince all of them that 'Nunn will pick it back up' and 'Turner only plays well without Sabonis' From these comments from you guys it looks like I'm doing quite well on this trade 😌
  4. Haha it's a 20 man H2H.. the only reason we even have a voting system is cause of the dude I'm trading with now.. but I'm not complaining in this moment at all haha 8 vetoes currently. 12 to veto and trade will process at 3pm today. 😬 I need some prayers my way guys !
  5. It's been a great season Kendrick. Thanks for your services. Waiver wire of the year for me. (I drafted Graham) Just accepted a trade for Myles Turner - my league loves to abuse the veto power, hopefully it goes through.
  6. Granted it's the Cavaliers... He looked more efficient tonight. Still is gonna be a low % guy.. but the assists and 3's (game winners at that) are worth the trade off for TOS and bad FG%. Won't be getting the open looks he has been. But seems to realize his craftiness draws fouls and easy buckets at the line, he will keep producing. Def in a slump. 37% tonight 🔥🔥🔥
  7. I agree with this 100%. In a 20 person league, so dropping him never really crossed my mind. Been through it all: sell high window, no trade consideration cause of WW, this thread and the excessive back and forth lmao. The Heat are a problem in the East. Great team to watch. He's definitely part of their success. All of the rookies are talented, product of Miami developing guys. Plus Butler been struggling % wise. So it's bound to get better for them. Nunn looks the most talented rookie IMO. Defensive liability rn due to size and lack of experience, that will co
  8. So still no updates ☹️ Tonight it's looking like it's out the window for him. Maybe next game for that crucial Sunday in H2H I need him! Predictions of 32p/6Reb/8ast 48% in his return game 🙏🏿
  9. Owning Nunn has been great. I tried to move him early cause I knew it would be a great sell high - but you can never really move a guy who you get off the WW. 16.9ppg/3.3ast/2.3threes/48%FG Percentage may go down. No hate I always notice guys who don't play ball have a hard time noticing that diamond in the rough talent. This dude is a baller. I'm in a 20 man league. The waiver wire looks like a wasteland. Shoutout to ESPN for not having their s--- together and not even having him available after like his 2nd game. When he popped up
  10. He's gaining experience. It's great to see these guys producing on 'bad' teams. Even the bad teams have some talent. Brooks loves him. He will be fantasy relevant all season. I dropped him and some how picked him back up as a FA. Bad night he can give you 12mins 3/4 FG, 2 BLK, 2 3's, 2/2 FT. Stock going all the way up.
  11. All these guys are producing. Its great to have the hidden gems. I drafted Graham and PJ, 10th & 12th rounds. Even Nunn on the waivers has me like I've dug and hit fantasy gold.
  12. Took Devonte 12th round pick 226 in my 20 man H2H league. Coupled wit Trae and Lowry (prayers up🙏🏿) My PG play is killing it
  13. Towns getting suspended was the best thing to happen for thy Lord. 🙌🏿
  14. He was undrafted because it's 2019 and he not only was accused but admitted to domestic violence. As wrong as it is, that's a death sentence today. Heat development is serious and he's a steal for them. As well as those who got him on waivers in fantasy bball. I'm in a 20 man league H2H and I'm hearing it about his 11 points and string of bad games in the group chat. We all know everyone who hates is mad they didn't get him though. Waiver wire looking type thin - next guy up is like MPJ or JaKar Sampson. Good luck w that! I'll keep Nunn.
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